6 Ways to Kick-Start Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

By posted on December 22, 2019 8:31PM

The Global Employee Health and Fitness is celebrated every year in the month of May. Its primary purpose is to promote the benefits of a healthy work-life balance to the employers as well as their employees. In support of this initiative, companies worldwide will be promoting how physical activity is a driving factor for employee health, satisfaction, and overall business productivity.

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As an employer, you can use the Global Employee Health and Fitness Months as an occasion for making your employees understand the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle. You can also promote different healthy habits and behaviors that your employees can follow into their daily routine.

In fact, by supporting this initiative, you will be promoting a company culture that represents being healthy (physically as well as mentally) as a priority in your workplace. However, introducing health initiative in any company culture can be complex.

Here six easy ways in which you can introduce your employees to a healthy workplace environment.

Six Simple Ways to Kick-Start Global Employee Health and Fitness Month for Your Employees:

Employers need to encourage their employees to incorporate exercise into their daily schedule. We understand for a fact that incorporating tedious exercise sessions can be impossible. But performing short bursts of activities every once in a while is certainly possible.

To help you with it, we have constructed a few exercising tips that will make your team follow a healthy lifestyle even with a tight schedule.

1: Get Up and Get Moving

Encourage your employees to take the stairs instead of a lift. Allow them to walk over to their co-workers to have a conversation instead of emails or using the company’s intra-communication. Look for opportunities that will get your employees walking around and stretching their legs.

2: Fitness Tracker

If your employees are given a gadget that tracks their physical activity (basically a fitness tracker), they can see for themselves and be mindful of their daily movements. This will further motivate them to get up and move around 10,000 steps or more a day.

3: Sponsor Their Gym Membership

Some companies offer their employees gym membership. It comes under many company perks that they offer their employees. Likewise, you can provide them with incentives for joining a local gym. Make sure to find a gym that is near the office. Thus, the location becomes convenient for them to fit in their schedule.

4: Work Out At Home

One of the most convenient ways of leading a healthy lifestyle is by exercising a bit at home. Give your employees access to different fitness app and videos that instruct them while exercising at home. In fact, there are many videos promoting exercises that could be done at home and do not even require gym equipment. Moreover, you can arrange for yoga, boot camp, cardio classes and strength training for your employees to join.

5: Take a Meeting Outside

Instead of having a board meeting in a closed conference room, you can conduct them outside at a local track. You can even encourage and allow your employees to conduct their small meetings outside while walking around the company building. It helps boost mood and creativity, eventually improving overall productivity.

6: Get Your Employees Insured

Lastly, you need to take out medical insurance for all your employees. There are many insurance providers who offer maximum coverage at a minimum premium cost. Whether or not your employees have health insurance under their name, as their employer, make sure that you have them sign for one.

Allow them to have direct conversations with the insurance provider to settle their queries and concerns. Moreover, ask the insurance provider to explain them different health insurance plans and elaborate on the benefits.

In the end, it is your responsibility, as an employer, to support workplace wellness. Hence, encourage your employees to undertake a healthy lifestyle and create an active company environment by providing them with different opportunity to be active.

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