Going via the paces at the new Active Health Lab

By posted on September 10, 2020 11:00AM

I changed into not sure what to expect going into the media preview session on the newly opened Active Health Lab in [email protected] closing Friday morning.

The day earlier than, two colleagues had concluded that I became the fittest at The Straits Times’ sports activities desk and consequently first-class-appropriate for the fitness screening through virtue of being young, particularly lively and free of predominant accidents or bad ingesting conduct.

So right here I turned into, hoping now not to embarrass myself too much with the photographer and videographer equipped to pounce on any misstep.
Looking after me for the consultation became lively fitness professional Kenneth McGeough.

The Active Health Lab, which is still in its pilot section, is part of the Active Health movement run with the aid of Sports Singapore with the goal of promoting ownership of 1’s fitness.

The Bedok Active Health Lab became officially opened the day past by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

It is the second one such lab here after the primary opened at Our Tampines Hub closing August.

I became going through the onboarding programme on my own, but he knowledgeable me the usual arrangement is in groups of up to twenty people from all walks of existence.

After filling out a Par-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire), I turned into shown the way to measure my blood stress and hip to waist ratio through McGeough. He defined that both are easy for people to degree and screen on their own, and are beneficial trendy signs of bodily well-being.

I become then brought about a Bio-electric Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine, which measures various health parameters like frame-fat percent by sending bio-electric pulses through the frame.

McGeough said the accuracy of the BIA can vary, however, for Active Health Lab, accessibility trumps accuracy as it’s miles targeted at all Singaporeans. A revealed report told me I turned into inside the regular variety for most parameters shop for body fat percentage, which at 21.1 in keeping with cent was at the high aspect, something which surprised me.

The ultimate a part of the onboarding programme turned into practical mobility evaluation checks including deep squats and hurdle steps from which McGeough prescribed sporting events I can do at home to enhance my hip mobility and common stability.

The on-boarding programme is unfastened and is a prerequisite for subsequent health exams.

I additionally attempted the VO2 max take a look at, which gauged my aerobic-respiratory fitness on the treadmill, which is measured with the aid of the frame’s potential to consume oxygen and supply it to the cells in step with a minute.

The regular test involves a revolutionary ramping up of the treadmill’s pace to tax the body’s cardio machine to its restriction, but this would represent a hazard to Singaporeans who may be older, not worthy or have bodily conditions. The take a look at I did become appreciably less strenuous.

I was hoping my result might flatter to lie to with the mild depth but had no such success.

My expected VO2 max changed into 44.2ml/kg in keeping with minute, which put me squarely inside the bad range for a person still in his 20s.

McGeough was short to emphasize I have to now not examine too much into the numbers.

What becomes extra crucial became for me to determine what I desired to do this factor to improve my health, small incremental steps like mountain climbing a further flight of stairs every day.

That changed into what I preferred most about the consultation – it delivered SportSG’s nationwide push for a greater active Singapore right down to the man or woman.

Different humans will have distinct fitness wishes and priorities, and the Active Health Lab programmes comprehend that.

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