National Operating System

One of the proposed elements of the infrastructure of the NIN is the National Operating System (NOS). Iran’s countrywide SSL certificate is constructed into the NOS and the National Browser. Yet six years after Iran’s Communications Ministry posted their “National Operation System Report” detailing the plans and goals of the gadget, and more than 5 years after its first model was delivered in 2010, the working machine stays unavailable to users, without public explanation.Eighty-three

At a press convention on the 16th Tehran International Telecom Expo in September 2015, Nasrollah Jahangard, deputy minister of communications introduced that the NOS could be released in October 2016 and that its operational segment could start soon, “after a few programs are mounted in this Operating System,”84 but in view that then no version of this OS has been made to be had to customers, once more, without remark or clarification.

Proper and powerful conversation is the need of the hour wherein most organizations rely upon the telephony communication device. It is mandatory for groups to live in touch with clients everywhere in the world for a commercial enterprise to flourish and increase productivity. And VOIP trunk is one of the cutting-edge inventions that has created pretty a buzz within the telecommunication international.

We all have heard of VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, the new age telecommunication gadget. It allows businesses to lessen calling fees to a large quantity, together with countrywide in addition to international calls. But maximum businesses will already be having a PBX telephone system mounted, which they glaringly will now not need to tear apart. And SIP trunking services Canada has come as a blessing in cover considering the fact that it is the most effective technique for getting the fine of both worlds! With the help of VOIP, trunk companies can gain all the blessings of a VoIP Trunk while not having to de-installation their legacy cellphone systems.

The advantages of the usage of VoIP business telephone machine are many and so is the need for the use of controlled SIP trunking.

• Consumers the use of VoIP offerings understand in advance of time every month their precise billing amount, except for global calls. There are infrequently any billing mistakes and no greater and pointless fees on services. Therefore businesses in recent times are more in the desire of taking offerings from a SIP provider.

• The VoIP answers are software primarily based and may be without problems up to date or elevated without making an investment further. This helps businesses to store plenty of working costs, and SIP trunking for SMBs in addition to SIP Trunking for enterprises is gaining in reputation.

• Most VoIP carrier providers offer facilities consisting of unlimited local and long distance calling

together with the ease of bundling both voice and facts over one network. This is both powerful as well as speedy aside from being very price powerful.

• With help of VoIP, Trunks groups can take the help of simple three-digit transfer without difficulty to every other branch workplace, situated in another town of the world or in any far-flung location.

‘C’ seems a strange name for a programming language. But this peculiar sounding language is one of the maximum popular pc languages these days because it is established, excessive level, gadget independent language. It lets in software developers to increase applications without annoying about the hardware platforms wherein they may be applied. The root of all modern language is ALGOL, added in the early Nineteen Sixties. C was advanced from ALGOL, BCPL, and B by means of Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories in 1972.

C makes use of many ideas from those languages and introduced the principles of statistics kinds and other effective capabilities. Since it became developed along with UNIX operating device, it’s miles strongly related to UNIX. During 1970’s, Chad advanced what’s referred to as ‘traditional C’. To guarantee that C language remains preferred, in 1983, American National Standards Institute(ANSI) appointed a technical committee to outline a fashionable for C. The committee approved a model of C in December 1989 which is now referred to as ANSI C. It become then permitted by way of International Standards Organization(ISO) in 1990. This version of C is likewise referred as C89.

The increasing popularity of C might be due to its many applicable traits. It is a sturdy language whose rich set of built-in functions and operators may be used to write down any complex program. The C compiler combines the capabilities of a meeting language with functions of an excessive stage language and consequently, it’s miles well proper for writing both machine software program and business programs. In a lot of C compilers available in marketplace are written in C. Programs written in C are green and speedy. This is because of its variety of information sorts and effective operators. C is extraordinarily portable. This approach that C packages written for one pc can run on every other with a very little modification. Portability is crucial if we plan to apply a new laptop with the special working device. C language is properly desirable for structured programming, for that reason requiring the person to think of a hassle in terms of feature modules or blocks.

If you’re an enterprise owner counting on supporting an internal technical aid staff, contracting for neighborhood IT aid or national far off technical center, it is crucial that allows you to read these facts on choosing IT technical aid.

Choices in choosing IT technical aid include hiring an inner group of workers with preliminary certifications to hold and control servers, workstations, computer systems, laptops, printers, smartphones, operating structures software program, antivirus, expert workplace software and special packages. Some firms have shriveled with a local company to offer on call for on website destroy/fix help. A 1/3 desire is to engage with a national faraway technical middle with certifications to aid each tool and software utility remotely over the net and correct any screw ups. Many national technical facilities consist of pro-energetic monitoring as a fee-add. Selecting a technical support provider depends on the subsequent:

How to Design a Real-Time Operating System

Most operating systems are put together primarily based on kernel designs. Kernel design has been used for nearly four a long time because it separates the working machine from the exclusive programs jogging on it. The specific programs are allocated in unique reminiscence places. The OS procedures make use of kernel functionality via engaging in gadget calls. System calls are software interrupts that permit users to replace from the working system to packages and vice versa. Therefore, the kernel ought to deploy an interrupt handler that tackles distinctive modes of operation in order to make sure powerful switches. The interrupt handler is enabled inside the software reputation (i.E., the manager mode and user mode). As such, protection is performed at the current device on a chip (SoCs) on the peripheral side. However, some processor registers may be modified if the CPU shows a selected execution mode like master mode through extra HW signals.

Most working systems are put together primarily based on kernel designs. Kernel design has been used for almost four a long time because it separates the operating machine from the distinct packages walking on it. The unique applications are allocated in exceptional memory places. The OS methods utilize kernel functionality through conducting device calls. System calls are software program interrupts that permit customers to exchange from the operating gadget to applications and vice versa. Therefore, the kernel needs to install an interrupt handler that tackles extraordinary modes of operation on the way to ensure effective switches. The interrupt handler is enabled in the software fame (i.E., the manager mode and consumer mode). As such, safety is conducted on the present day gadget on a chip (SoCs) at the peripheral side. However, some processor registers may be modified if the CPU shows a specific execution mode like grasp mode through extra HW alerts.

All tactics out of doors the running machine are implemented inside the consumer mode and cannot execute any commands availed in manager mode most effective. Meaning that user mode commands keep a non-vital subset of instructions beneath the manager mode. During a system runtime, the supervisor mode beneath the PSW is disabled and handiest receives enabled as soon as an interrupt like outside interrupt or gadget call takes place. The OS activates the person mode once the person system is activated. Note that, a consumer process contains a virtual reminiscence address area that separates it from the kernel entirely. However, this option is only available to embedded microcontrollers that constitute a memory management unit that allows the use of virtual reminiscence. Virtual reminiscence utilization need to be upheld without different unbound memory accesses together with swapping on an external disk or changing (TLB) translation lookaside buffer entries via examining a dynamically sized web page table.

To utilize the capability offered with the aid of the OS kernel layout, you have to become aware of an interface that lets in programs to run efficaciously even as using it. The interface is referred to as the software binary interface (ABI). ABI delineates a registered utilization conference, a hard and fast of device calls, a stack layout and facilitates binary compatibility. On the other hand, an API (software programming interface) facilitates source code compatibility with the aid of defining a fixed of feature signatures that offer a fixed interface for calling the required functions. The kernel could have many designs, however, it has to offer basic sports like; process verbal exchange, technique synchronization, process management and interrupt coping with.

Process control guarantees that procedure termination, introduction, dispatching, scheduling, and switching context amongst different related sports run as required. In a real-time running gadget, interrupt handling differs from the standardized implementation of an everyday working system. Interrupts in ordinary running systems can preempt all walking tactics unexpectedly. This results in unbound delays which are insupportable in a real-time working device. As such, managing of interruptions is assimilated into the schedule so that it’s miles scheduled alongside different critical processes and feasibility is guaranteed even when interruption requests are made.

It is time to opt for the latest smartphones that offer Funtouch OS, an interface that allows smooth execution of available apps. With the technology advancing every day, you ought to choose from the best and trendiest gadgets that are friendly enough to help reduce your effort.

User-Friendly Interface

A newly-designed user interface, Funtouch OS is smarter and easier to handle. Simply put, it is an Android-based operating system that lets you do many things at once, a task deemed impossible till now. Such user interfaces are a treat to the eyes when you look at the colorful, beautifully designed icons displayed on-screen. It is different from other cell phone interfaces in user-friendliness and design, as it was developed keeping the interests and preferences of the next generation Android phone users in mind.

Smart Operating System

It appears Hi-fi and smart due to its unique Smart Wake and Smart Click configuration on your Android phone. Its manager is a specialty that helps you perform several essential tasks with ease. Through its help, you can easily stop the apps one after the other to save power when they are not in use.

Highly Advanced Anti-Virus

You may not need to download an extra app for the protection of your smartphone against various threats. It already comprises of a highly advanced anti-virus application which ensures foolproof protection against viruses, system vulnerabilities, accumulating junk files, payment risks, and stubborn Trojans.



Welcome to the publish-OS generation

Something interesting occurred this week at CES.

I’m no longer speaking about the flashy keynotes, the annual TV trot-out, or even the gyrating robotic strippers (although, ok, that remaining one sure turned into…Some thing).

No — I’m talking about the underlying thread visible during most of the conference’s greater big announcements and pretty literally placarded everywhere in the place. Think of it as a war cry: The digital assistant has arrived. Everything else is now secondary.

It’s no exaggeration: As a long way as Google’s concerned, the approaching battle is all about artificial intelligence and the vessels that deliver it. The organization’s made it clear that obtaining companions and users on board with Google Assistant in as many ways as feasible is its center attention transferring forward — and, as a part of that, the as soon as-vital running machine is turning into far much less pivotal.

Unlike its traditional competitors Apple and Microsoft, of course, Google has usually been a go-platform business enterprise — one which in the long run needs you to apply its services in any manner, even if you won’t use its working system alongside them. But then again, the extent of sources and attention we are beginning to see devoted to Assistant marks a seismic shift. It actually is the begin of a publish-OS mentality, where the question of what running gadget you use takes an again seat to that of which virtual assistant you permit into your lifestyles.

Something exciting came about this week at CES.

I do not speak approximately the flashy keynotes, the yearly TV trot-out, or maybe the gyrating robotic strippers (although, ok, that closing one certain become…Something).

No — I’m talking about the underlying thread seen during a number of the conference’s greater great bulletins and quite literally placarded everywhere in the location. Think of it as a battle cry: The digital assistant has arrived. Everything else is now secondary.

It’s no exaggeration: As far as Google’s concerned, the approaching warfare is all about artificial intelligence and the vessels that supply it. The corporation’s made it clear that getting partners and users on board with Google Assistant in as many methods as feasible is its central focus shifting ahead — and, as part of that, the as soon as-important operating gadget is turning into a long way less pivotal.

Unlike its traditional opponents Apple and Microsoft, of a path, Google has always been a cross-platform corporation — one that in the long run desires you to use its services in any way, even if you may not use its operating system among them. But then again, the extent of assets and interest we are beginning to see devoted to Assistant marks a seismic shift. It truly is the start of a post-OS mentality, in which the question of what operating machine you operate takes a back seat to that of which virtual assistant you permit into your existence.

Apple has finished it again with the release of the iPod Touch 5th Generation. This ultrathin media player is extra like a multimedia juggernaut on steroids than some other beefed up version of the iPod or a mini model of an iPad. The tool stands on my own for its similar design to the iPod five and its extra capabilities include a 4-inch show display. Still running on the iOS 6 running gadget, the device features an Apple A5 processor. This iPod Touch additionally has a unique introduced function of Panorama mode for its front and back digicam with 5 megapixels which can shoot video and includes an auto-recognition function for taking photos. Such a tool can supply as much as 40 hours of leisure with audio, video, and pics, such as the capability for synching with iTunes accounts.

A tool like the iPod Touch 5th Generation makes an extremely good gift for the vacation season. Priced at simply below $300 for the 32 GB version, the multimedia participant gives sufficient records garage ability to maintain loads of image and audio files along with the video. College students can utilize the microphone characteristic to report class lectures and rise up to forty hours of audio playback. This device makes the ideal journey companion with its wireless talents for lengthy delays among flights and plane mode for viewing movies or paying attention to podcasts or audiobooks. Commuters will fall in love with the multimedia functions of the tool which can make a subway or bus journey domestic or to paintings completely entertaining from beginning to complete. Add on the special wristband and take this subsequent era iPod Touch on the street for a morning jog or to the gym for an energized exercise. Undoubtedly, the multimedia gadget gives its customers greater functions than previous versions and its MP3 competitors, while it undersells its portable sports console competition.

Apple keeps beautifying the level of great merchandise available on the tech tool market with this new iPod Touch. The modern edition of the iPod Touch is available in an expansion of colors, which includes snazzy red and metallic silver. Apple also gives a plethora of downloadable applications via the Apple Store. Additionally, the device’s firmware can be upgraded and the tool can also be synchronized with a desktop via the Mac OS or Microsoft Windows working structures. For the fee, the iPod Touch fifth Generation stands out as a chief distinction maker inside the tech marketplace.

One of the most important rising traits I see today is the expanding concept of DevOps. More and more builders are flocking to public cloud providers and assisting themselves to on-demand infrastructure. They are adopting workplace cultures that transform the way they do business. Their software program improvement groups are thriving interior transformational place of business cultures that have adopted the following center dreams:

Empower teams to self-prepare and perform at their great.
Remove roadblocks in order that teams are unhindered by infrastructure delays.
Embrace agile methodologies inside the software development lifecycle.
New generations of software program and programs are designed so that the underlying additives (assume server, OS, and platform) aren’t a lot of finances-busting belongings as single-use disposable sources. For the financially-enabled readers, think good-bye CAPEX and whats up OPEX. No longer is it important to have redundant servers or excessive availability frameworks on the hardware or digital hardware level because programs at the moment are designed to be pretty resilient, stateless, and scalable (up or down, robotically).


The listing of agencies and businesses which are deciding on OpenStack is magnificent and maintains to grow. Names encompass BMW, CERN, Comcast, NASA, the Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Purdue University, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, eBay, Wal-Mart, and hundreds of others.



Huawei improvements its working machine

Chinese handset maker Huawei on Friday unveiled EMUI 8.0 — its custom Operating System (OS) based on Android Oreo platform that guarantees to enhance productivity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) abilities.

The EMUI eight.Zero, already to be had on Honor View 10, will be rolled out on gadgets together with Honor 8 Pro, Honor 9i, Honor 7X and Honor 8 Lite quickly.

“The update appreciably cuts down at the range of steps had to obtain the preferred feature thru its smart programs like navigation dock and clever screen. It permits the consumer to reach 90 percent of the core functions in an unmarried-click,” Huawei stated in a declaration.

The custom OS engages in low-reminiscence management by means of allocating sources in a manner to provide an extra area to make sure holistic experience coupled with AI abilities.

EMUI eight.0 has features like clever resolution, dynamic wallpaper, navigation bar customizations and extra.

Before the invention of the sewing gadget, all clothing, domestic furniture or even agricultural sacks had been sewn by means of hand. The collection of occasions and inventions that led to what we realize today as a sewing device has been a completely crucial a part of records. Here is an overview of some the inventors, their contributions and how we ultimately made the fact the dream of a gadget that might take the labor out of sewing.

The first person to use for a patent for the sewing machine turned into a British inventor named Thomas Saint in 1791, however his machine became now not recognized to have ever been developed. The very first working stitching device to be offered as such to the arena turned into in 1814 with the aid of an Austrian tailor Josef Madersperger, even though no seemingly working device is the idea to have come from his paintings.

In 1830 Barthelemy Thimonnier from France patented a running system that was able to sew directly seams with a series sew. By 1841 he had a manufacturing facility of those machines however it was allegedly sabotaged and burnt down by means of French tailors, they were reported to have seen the existence of those machines as a threat to their jobs as opposed to the worthwhile work device that the stitching system came to be. Thimonnier ultimately got here to England with a machine and became apparently the first man or woman to offer working machines on the market, he also ran a garment manufacturing facility.

An American Walter Hunt invented the first lockstitch sewing gadget in 1833. This system used 2 spools of thread with a watch pointed needle similar to machines of today, however, the machine needed resetting too often to be possible. Another American, John Greenough, produced a working machine in which the needle exceeded completely via the material but turned into not able to generate enough hobby to supply the machine for resale.

Elias Howe created a system just like that made by Walter Hunt in 1845. There had been some of the enhancements which made this device the most feasible yet although he struggled to gain economic backing. After attempting to sell his device in England he goes back to the United States to find lots of people had taken his idea and producing similar machines that reputedly infringed his patent.

Isaac Merritt Singer becomes an engineer who determined to redesign the rotary stitching device. His system used a flying go back and forth rather than a rotary one; the needle turned into hooked up vertically and protected a presser foot to preserve the cloth in the region. It had a fixed arm to keep the needle and also covered a basic tensioning machine. The singer was given an American patent for his system in 1851, he advanced a foot pedal or treadle, to be used together with his machines. Howe took Singer and a few others to court over patent breaches and was presented a few reimbursement.

A thrilling truth, in case you find this stuff exciting, is that the first hire-buy type charge scheme is stated to have first been brought about by means of Singer and a lawyer named Edward Clark, and turned into added approximately in order to allow human beings to have enough money to buy their sewing machines. The achievement of the Singer sewing machines tends to be attributed more to the sales strategies utilized by Singer and Clark, in place of something outstandingly specific with their machines.

Over the years different humans and partnerships delivered upgrades and synthetic greater machines. There were more than a few squabbles over patents and threats to sue. Allen B Wilson and Nathaniel Wheeler created a quieter smoother device below the Wheeler and Wilson Company production machines within the 1850s and 60s. As more people entered the design and production of sewing machines ‘The Sewing Machine War’ befell as anybody tried to defend their very own highbrow belongings, eventually, Singer, Howe, Wheeler and Wilson and Grove and Baker got here together with their patents forming ‘The Sewing Machine Combination’ in 1856. This compelled the opposite manufacturers to do matters their way and pay a license price for the privilege.

Knitting machines have been first visible in 1877 within the shape of a crochet system, this turned into invented by way of a Joseph Merrow. This system became, in reality, the first ‘overlock’ stitching machine and The Merrow Machine Company nevertheless produce overlock machines today.

In 1885 Singer patented the ‘Singer Vibrating Shuttle’ sewing machine the use of Allen B Wilson vibrating go back and forth, this machine turned into extra adept at lockstitching, changing the oscillating shuttles and persevering with use till the rotary trip machines changed them.

Electric sewing machines were absolutely firstly advanced in 1889 by using the Singer Sewing Co. Up until this factor that they had persisted at the tried and tested layout with simply more ornament. Electric automobiles had been stuck at the side of the vintage machines first of all but determined their way into the case turning into an intrinsic part of the gadget.

Toyota produced their first electric sewing gadget in 1946.

The Eighties saw the advent of laptop controlled machines for use in all manner of industries consisting of apparel, shoemaking, and industrial production.

Embroidery machines now not use cards to affect the stitching, they could now courtesy of new automatic structures, produce quite a whole lot something you like on material.

The invention of the stitching gadget was a totally vital step in industrialization and monetary development. It additionally let loose many girls from the work of hand stitching clothes and linens. The contribution that those machines have made to art in all styles of fashion and interior layout can’t be omitted either, pretty truly it is one of the maximum vital machines of our time! (I’m seeking to believe what an apple ‘i-stitch’ gadget may absolutely look like and do!)

How an indigenous running machine overtook Apple iOS

When Akash Dongre and Sudheer B were talking about how Indians used access-level smartphones simply to name and ship messages, their fellow IIT-Bombay classmate Rakesh Deshmukh thought it became a notable concept to build an operating machine that labored in Indian languages. The three buddies, who’d already been operating for some years, determined to build at the idea, and in 2012, they rolled out Indus OS, the indigenous operating system that has had high-quality success attaining first-time phone customers. It now works with eight Indian cell cellphone brands, inclusive of Micromax and Karbonn, has 10 million users, and is 2d simplest to Android in India. It has its very own app shop in 12 Indian languages. Deshmukh tells TOI that seventy-seven % of his customers are from Tier 2-three towns.
Was the focus of Indus OS usually on Indian languages?

In India, simplest 10% of the populace considers English its first, 2d or third language. So it is important to provide generation to Indians in the language in their desire. The Indus OS platform helps English and 23 Indian regional languages. Language technology stays the bedrock of each India-centric innovation. We have added Aadhaar integration to balance analytics.
What was Indus OS’ turning factor?
In 2014, we did a pilot in Saurashtra with a few thousand devices strolling an running system in Gujarati. Customers had been very satisfied with it. Within 12 months, we created a working machine in English and 10 Indian local languages and signed up with Micromax, which changed into the main home telephone logo at that time. In May 2015, we released our first tool with Micromax, Unite three. Our purpose turned into to have 50,000 clients for Unite 3 within a month of the launch. We reached seventy-five,000 in just 17 days. Till date, Unite three is one of Micromax’s maximum selling devices. We then became to be had across all Micromax devices priced underneath Rs 10,000. And we became the No. 2 OS in India by using market percentage, beforehand of global giants together with Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS. It became a huge achievement and helped us companion with greater telephone manufacturers like Intex, Karbonn, and Celkon. Recently, we introduced our first international phone logo associate in Intel.
Did you’ve got sufficient capital to fund your startup?
In the preliminary days, we have been funded by way of serial entrepreneur Hari Padmanabhan. This changed into followed via angel investors such as Mayank Singhal from Temasek Holdings, Pranay Chulet of Quikr, Amit Gupta and Naveen Tewari of InMobi, and Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal of Snapdeal. After our initial success with Micromax, we have given Series A investment from Omidyar Network, JSW Ventures, and VenturEast.

A lot of smartphones and running systems have delivered nearby languages now. How is Indus extraordinary?
Most other smartphones and working systems that aid Indian regional languages have a simple menu text translation, that’s confined to the UI or the display you notice. If a consumer receives an SMS in English, they do not provide the consumer the opportunity to study it in a regional language. We offer deep, OS-level integration of language and generation. When we upload a language, we no longer handiest help the language in the menu textual content but additionally create a complete language atmosphere for the person and developer. We have developed capabilities together with local keyboards with word/matra predictions and car-correction, the patented Indus Swipe (to translate and transliterate English textual content to regional languages), Indus Reader (a textual content-to-speech feature in regional languages for English content), and App Bazaar to convey local language content material and apps to the user.

What were the preliminary demanding situations you faced? How did you counter them?
Establishing cost in the market become one. The OS has created at a time whilst the market had visible numerous failed attempts for a localized technology answer by using worldwide giants. We knew this can be a capacity roadblock whilst starting conversations for partnerships. However, our pilot study in Saurashtra obtained a terrific response from clients and outlets. Creating the proper crew took enormous effort and time as our work turned into a niche. Today, we have a team of 100.

Warburg Pincus India coping with director Nitin Nayar has resigned from the non-public equity firm to launch his very own funding fund so that it will on the whole cognizance on placing technology-related bets. Nayar’s new fund is predicted to have a corpus of $a hundred and fifty-2 hundred million (₹950-1,270 crore) and is possible to make mid- to increase-degree investments across u. S .’s broader era space, specifically within the employer era phase, three human beings with the know-how of the matter said.
The Harvard College and Harvard Business School alumnus, who led New York-established Warburg Pincus’ era and startup investments in India, had joined the marquee non-public equity investor in 2003, and have been with its Mumbai workplace considering the fact that 2004.

Nayar is assumed to be currently serving out his notice length. couldn’t ascertain his final date with the investment company. It is likewise but unclear if the approaching fund has all started receiving capital commitments from buyers.

It is doubtful also who would update Nayar at Warburg Pincus, which manages belongings of about $44 billion globally.

Nayar failed to respond until press time Wednesday to an e-mail sent to his Warburg electronic mail ID looking for comment.

Nayar led Warburg’s investments in cloud-based patron engagement and retail answers company Capillary Technologies and MXC Solutions India, which owns and operates online and mobile-based auto classifieds platform CarTrade, among others. Nayar had played a leading position in structuring Warburg Pincus’ investment in online classifieds organization Founder & CEO, Zomato MY PICK: Licious
WHAT IT DOES: Founded by using Abhay and Vivek, Licious sells raw meat products on its platform. It resources the beef directly from breeders and owns the returned-stop supply chain. In order to meet standards of freshness and satisfactory, the team has formulated a 0-inventory version. It has also constructed a contractual arrangement with huge institutional meat companies who are trained in managing cattle and meat handling strategies.
WHY I PICKED IT: Licious is miles wished and novel idea inside the Indian meals industry, aimed at fixing the problem of finding secure and fresh meat in India. They use meals science to determine the way the beef is reduced, hung, and bought.

Y YEAR AS A FOUNDER: 2017 has been a yr of gaining knowledge of where our strengths lie, as well as deep understanding the things we need to paintings on as we circulate forward. My largest getting to know has been in understanding that success middle groups in unexpectedly developing firms have individuals who are in large part aware of and are able to align their expert goals with their lengthy-time period non-public goals.
THE STARTUP IDEA I WISH I’D HAD: Zomato 🙂 — I am very glad and excited about what we are building. Wouldn’t trade it for whatever else.

The mythical running gadget via Apple

The Computer History Museum in California has decided to move beforehand and release the Apple’s mythical Lisa operating machine without spending a dime. The OS will now be to be had as open source for everybody. However, even returned in 1983, Apple had a reputation being ahead with its product. The tech large announced Lisa laptop computer on January 19, 1983. Officially, “Lisa” stood for “Local Integrated Software Architecture”, however, there are more than one reviews that country that the name of the OS become also the name of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ daughter.

Al Kossow, a software program curator on the museum said, “We wanted to allow absolutely everyone know the sources to the OS and applications were recovered, I converted them to Unix quit of line conventions and areas for Pascal tabs after recovering the documents the usage of Disk Image Chef, and they’re with Apple for evaluation.” The Lisa computer slightly bought 10,000 gadgets.

The pc offered changed into one of the first private computers which supplied a graphical person interface (GUI) in a gadget. The pc become aimed toward commercial enterprise users. However, the pc got here with the advanced, of that generation, the running system referred to as Lisa.

One of the capabilities of the OS turned into that it got here with a blanketed reminiscence which was enabled by way of a crude hardware circuit. The OS became an improved version which came in after Apple III SOS operating device didn’t have any impact 3 years earlier.

The disk operating device on Lisa organized documents in hierarchical directories. File system directories have been able to make complete use of the GUI “folders” with the Lisa. Lisa OS came with principal user modes: the Lisa Office System and the Workshop.

Lisa Office System was one of the superior structures at that point in time, and it changed into renamed as “7/7”. This changed into done in reference to the seven software packages that the device provided: LisaWrite, LisaCalc, LisaDraw, LisaGraph, LisaProject, LisaList, and LisaTerminal.

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Are you losing the interest in sporting MP3 gamers and other similar gadgets? Do you want to have a few zing on your grip? Then, Apple iPod Nano is the answer for you. With its anodized aluminum and polished chrome steel frame, Nano is greater lovely and wise than its predecessors. The iPod is well-known globally for its novelty with each of its models and iPod Nano has also followed the identical mind wave. This time, the Apple iPod comes with a smart method to Video Playback. With a smaller size and bigger mind, the iPod is lovely all around.

The iPod Nano turns up with the functions like Cover drift, Music Playback, Video Playback, TV Shows & Podcasting Capability, Game Play, Photo Viewer and many greater punches. The iPod comes in 5 unique color sun shades- Grey, Blue, Red, Green, and Black. It has integrated lithium-ion battery that gives iPod Nano an energy backup of up to 25 hours for gambling tune and up to 5 hours for going for walks motion pictures meaning you could without difficulty watch complete-length films lower back to lower back. The Apple iPod Nano has all of the candies underneath the manipulate of single Click Wheel.

If we study the technical components of Nano, you’ll discover that this Nano-gadget could be very much smarter than the opposite MP3 Players which might be available in the market. Its dimensions are sixty-nine .8 x fifty-two.Three x 6.5 mm and it weighs forty-nine .2 grams approx. It has a 2-inch (diagonal) liquid crystal show with blue-white LED Back mild and a resolution of 320×240 pixels at 204 pixels consistent with the inch. Its show is 65% brighter than every other Apple. It helps the audio codecs like AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, and WAV and so on. This mastermind is full of the HDD of 4GB or 8GB Flash Drive fashions. Its 4GB Flash Drive can save up to 1000 songs, or 3500 iPod viewable snapshots, or as much as four hours of video. Its 8GB version can keep up to 2000 songs or 7000 iPod Viewable pix, or videos of up to eight hours. You can switch your statistics thru USB flash drive. The Nano could be the very effective tool that is only a single spin away from your attain. So, spin the Click Wheel and enter the Nano.
There’s something that captures your imagination whilst you open an Apple container and primary see your new system. That is absolutely the case with the Apple iPad. The first aspect you notice is the tool itself with its large display. Also protected in the field is a cable, strength adapter and the famous apple stickers. But become the field well worth establishing in the first location? Is the iPad simply really worth getting?

The first factor you need to realize is what the iPad is for. After all, you can not overview a product without knowing what it’s for, proper? Well, Steve Jobs from Apple stated that the iPad sits in-among the iPhone and the Macbook. It isn’t always the nice communications device and it is not for severe work. The iPad is the best device for ingesting media. Watch films, display snapshots, surf the net, answer e-mails and study books. That’s what the iPad is for. It’s a tool for across the house. I’ve put that declaration to the test.


But before I get into the media stuff permit’s study the layout first. It’s amazing. The back is all aluminum which makes it sense certainly classy and first-rate towards scratching. The apple emblem sits inside the middle.

The front is similar to the iPhone. It’s glass from facet to aspect with the best buttons being the home button, extent, sleep and screen orientation key. The edges of the display at the moment are wider which is beneficial as it enables you to preserve the device with one hand without touching the screen. The black and gray evaluation between the buttons and the body seems superb. The tool could be very skinny and the aluminum border (metallic one is long past) makes it one of the best searching devices ever made.

When is the running gadget coming on your telephone

Android Oreo has already been to be had for a while after it turned into released on August 21, 2017.

The exciting new operating gadget is already available on all Google personal-emblem devices and a few different makes along with Sony and Nokia additionally have the replace.

So what approximately Samsung?

The beta model has already been to be had for some time at the Galaxy S8, but Samsung has kept quiet on when the very last version can be geared up.

Now Samsung has announced the quiet of its Android 8.Zero beta scheme, suggesting a loose upgrade might be to be had quickly to all Galaxy S8 owners.
When is Android Oreo coming to Samsung?
Samsung currently sent out notifications to Galaxy S8 proprietors that their beta program could end on January 26, meaning the very last version could be approaching.

The message read: “Dear beta customers, A huge THANK YOU for your overwhelming reaction to the Samsung Experience nine.0 beta.

“Your comments approximately overall performance, reliability and usefulness has helped us to release greater dependable, better acting software program and offer an improved provider for Samsung users.”

A blog run with the aid of Samsung Turkey has cautioned that the replacement may be to be had early in 2018

Smile while you communicate. Did you recognize that humans can hear you smile? People who listened to a person talk, but have been not able to see them, had been able to properly perceive whilst the speaker turned into smiling. Smiling into the phone receiver is a first-rate manner to expose that you have a nice character and could get along well with other employees.

Dress up. If you put on your expert paintings clothes whilst you’re at the smartphone, your professionalism will also shine through. When you’re sporting casual clothes, the tone of your voice comes throughout as lots extra casual than in case you are carrying an in shape or get dressed.

Keep critical papers close by. Have a copy of the activity description and your resume in the front of you if you have your smartphone interview. That’s a great manner to talk about your enjoy for your resume as it pertains to the placement description they are interviewing you for. Have a pen and paper handy additionally to take notes if needed.

Avoid telephone interruptions at some stage in your interview. A name-waiting signal can disrupt your teach or notion or intrude with hearing what the interviewer is announcing. You can disable name-waiting on most telephones by using dialing *70 first. When you’re completed along with your interview and grasp up, your call-ready function will robotically be reactivated.

Remove all distractions. Get rid of all useless noise-makers for the duration of your interview. The youngsters, the pets, televisions, radios, and laptop videos need to not be within listening to variety while you are having your interview.

Here are a few more recommendations to recall during your cellphone interview:

*Speak slowly and truly. It’s OK to take a few seconds to acquire your thoughts.
*Don’t smoke, chew gum, devour, or drink.
*Address the interviewer by their name (Mr. Or Ms.) and their last name. Don’t use their first name until they ask you to.
*Don’t interrupt the interviewer.
*Don’t cross into good sized information over the phone. Keep your answers short and keep the details for a face-to-face interview.
*Thank the interviewer and ask if it would be viable to fulfill in person.

You don’t get a 2d danger to make a primary impression. Your cellphone interview is the first impression the interviewer will have and will determine whether you increase to a face-to-face interview. Take benefit of the assets at JobPrepCenter.Com to ensure your first affect really blows them away!

With an increasing dependence on the telephone, telephony expenses in a small enterprise could have a considerable impact on your bottom line. Keeping your telephony fees down allows keep your income up. It makes an experience that a touch time spent analyzing your smartphone fees can be time well spent. There are five Simple Steps to Reduce Your Telephone Costs –

1. Understand Your Contracts
You’d be surprised what number of human beings don’t know precisely what they’re committed to. Contracts with some cell phone carriers require a quantity of note (including 30 days) to terminate the agreement, others renew themselves on an ordinary basis consisting of annually. It is vital that you absolutely recognize what your commitments have. Make a listing of all of your telephone contracts, and study the termination clauses. If you can not find the data in your office work, name Customer Services – you never realize, they’ll offer you a higher deal if they suppose you are seeking to circulate on. Remember that you can also want to don’t forget your broadband connection if it is a part of a smartphone deal.

Contracts Checklist
Land Lines

Conference Circuits
Broadband or ISDN strains

2. Segment Your Costs
Did you already know which you do not need to send all of your telephone visitors over the identical network? Depending on your smartphone device, it is feasible to ship calls to mobiles through one provider, calls to domestic landlines via some other service, and calls to worldwide places via a 3rd provider. To recognize what you are spending your cash on, you want a technique of classifying your costs.The categories which you pick will depend upon your occasions, but the following tick list will help you –

Cost Categories
Line Rental
Land Line Calls
Calls to Mobiles
International Calls
Calls from Employee to Employee
Calls to Services together with Conference Calls

three. Calculate Your Costs
Step 3 is pretty easy. Once you have got damaged down your calls into some key classes in Step 2 above, check the amount of money you’re spending on every class over a monthly or quarterly period. Try to break down your prices into realistic devices. Breaking your charges into ‘in keeping with a line’ for rentals or ‘in step with minute’ for calls is a realistic way to do this.

4. Look for New Providers – Strategies to Cut Costs
This step requires some research and requires you to use a few logic. You want to do not forget the records that you have generated in Step 3.





Android-like operating system, better reminiscence

HMD Global has released an up to date version of the Nokia 3310 that was released in India in May last 12 months. This new tool could be referred to as Nokia 3310 4G. As the name indicates, this smartphone might be capable of a feature on 4G bandwidth that’s a main replace whilst in comparison to the preceding model.

HMD Global’s Nokia 3310 while launched at the MWC 2017 changed into a specific crowd puller. Not due to its technological prowess but because of its legendary repute inside the enterprise. The tool, but, discovered itself being dwarfed by slabs of glass and metallic that rule the smartphone industry.
Now, Nokia has added an replace to the Nokia 3310 which doesn’t get rid of the trademark candybar form however introduced 4G connectivity and an extra contemporary searching running machine. The brand new update can make this smartphone as practical as it’s miles captivating.

Apart from the fundamental alternate in connectivity, the device will include slight updates to its running gadget and storage. The device has most effective been launched in China for now and is expected to be unveiled to the relaxation of the arena throughout the Mobile World Congress 2018. The pricing of the device can also be unveiled at some point of the mega occasion.

The Nokia 3310 comes in new colorations: Fresh Blue and Deep Black. The upgraded smartphone also sports activities a brand new operating gadget referred to as YunOS, that’s advanced by means of Alibaba. This operating gadget resembles Android and is expected to be a stark departure from the Series 30 working machine located at the 2G model of the smartphone.

According to Nokia Power User, the tool will have VoLTE aid which has grown to be critical in phones sold in India. The tool gets a bump in the garage. It will now quantity to 512MB of internal storage.However, the tool receives a MicroSD card slot which could accommodate a reminiscence card of up to 64GB.

The tool capabilities a 1200mAH battery, which the business enterprise claims will give a standby time of 12days on 4G. With 2G, the tool’s battery standby time will boom to 15 days. The rear dealing with digicam gets an LED flash.

The Nokia 3310 4G also comes with fundamental connectivity options like Bluetooth four.0., Micro USB port, WLAN 802.Eleven b/g/nor even FM radio. The device keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack and capabilities a Mp3 participant as nicely.

Ever surprise how comfortable your facts simply is? What protection protocols do you practice? Maybe creating a password? Locking the laptop so others can’t get admission to your information? Bypassing windows passwords only take a minute or much less and the windows 10 set up disk. Thus some distance, I have been a hit in using the Windows 10 disk to bypass account passwords or even activating deactivated money owed on Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows eight.1. I haven’t begun to check the approach to skip locked pc bills in Windows XP and Vista, but I do now not foresee any complications with those working systems.

Before you believe you studied this makes you more secure because you use Mac OS X. I have also been capable of pass root stage account passwords on a MacBook Pro, strolling Mac OS X (10.10) Yosemite working machine, the usage of integrated Apple commands. This technique additionally took less than a minute to perform.

The protection applied in an operating gadget and bills continually has a stage of vulnerability. Most safety features are sense properly methods. Username and passwords, for example, constitute single stage authentication, figuring out who you’re, the username and evidence that you are who you are, the password. It is said for current security protocols to require the username to be specific and the password to have at the least sixteen characters and a random combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters to be applied. Sixteen digits the quantity of the average man or woman to recall their very own passwords. With the growing technological improvements of laptop processing electricity, such passwords will, in the end, be able to be damaged in shorter amounts of time, in the end making them absolutely useless. Most working structures keep username and password combos as hash algorithms in particular files that may be viewed as plain textual content, ensuing in the need for passwords to be in the end obsolete.

Stating the one’s information does not suggest “So, why the hassle?” with username and passwords. Passwords do forestall the average person from gaining access and some stage of protection is better than no degree of safety. There, of the path, are other methods to better comfy your working structures, preventing the approach stated here from being able to be applied. Data at rest encryption, as an example, is a choice on the operating gadget stage. This manner a decryption technique have to arise prior to the running machine boot.

2 element and 3-aspect authentication also boom the safety stage of your running gadget. CAC (Common Access Cac) playing cards, commonly utilized by the DoD and different government corporations are a prime instance of 2-element authentication. The first factor, requiring the card itself that continues encrypted certificates to pick out who you are and who you say you’re, plus the second aspect of a pin as secondary evidence. Three-component authentication could encompass capabilities consisting of biometrics. Keep in thoughts, in spite of all of those techniques being utilized. There is not any such issue as a one hundred% secure machine.

Choosing the working device for your VPS has these days become extra complicated than it changed into a few years ago. While Windows has been sincerely iterating through variations, there are lots extra distributions of Linux available for your virtual personal server.

Parameters inclusive of CPU, Memory, IO, and many others. Had been blurring of late due to advances especially in Windows operating machine. Let’s study the professionals and cons of each and go away you with some suggestions.

Windows VPS Hosting

Performance: Between the two OS, Linux absolutely is extra green with CPU, Memory, IO usage than Windows in almost all counts. Windows servers overall performance improves at higher processing power, reminiscence degrees, however, all that comes at a tremendous price as compared to Linux.

Application Support: Popular scripting languages including ASP, ASP.NET, C# paintings only on Windows server. Therefore, Windows VPS is the perfect option for individuals who run applications constructed the usage of these languages. Windows servers also are higher acceptable to paintings with database software inclusive of MS Access, MS SQL.

Interestingly, Windows servers also support other scripting languages such as Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby that are more often than not built for Linux.

Control Panel alternatives: Parallels Plesk Panel is the best-recognized Windows control panel software that has never stopped exceptional us. In its recent iteration it has completed a major overhaul of it’s GUI and brought lots of lots wished functionality. It remains a favorite among all Windows users.



Chrome OS is nearly ready to update Android on tablets

Google’s today’s Chrome update, version 64, is now making its way to Chromebooks with some of much-wished, tablet-targeted capabilities. Those encompass a brand new break up-screen function for multitasking whilst in pill mode, and a screenshot characteristic borrowed from Android, as referred to by means of 9to5Google. While those are rather widespread improvements, they do paint a picture of the destiny of Chrome OS as the rightful substitute for Android tablet software program. As it stands now, Chrome OS is very near taking on the mantle there, and features like this push it ever towards becoming the hybrid OS for all forms of Google-powered monitors.

This has been within the works for quite some time as Google’s Chrome and Android teams have coordinated intently to make certain the inflow of low-fee, hybrid computing gadgets like 2-in-1 Chromebooks get the pleasure of each world. There is, of direction, Android app compatibility on Chrome OS, an initiative that first arrived quite 1/2-baked last 12 months and has taken months to absolutely jell as Google labored out the kinks. For example, simply ultimate month Google brought the potential for Android apps on Chromebooks run in the background. In July of remaining year, Google additionally commenced embarking on a hint-centered remodel of Chrome OS to make the software program greater practical in pill mode.

We’re probably now not getting the full-blown merging of the two divisions and their respective structures anytime quickly, or possibly ever, as Google has performed with the concept for years without ever seeming to decide that one platform has to supersede the alternative. In essence, but, Android stays Google’s dominant mobile OS, while Chrome OS has been taking over greater responsibility as Chromebooks have steadily come to be extra successful and tablet-like.

But this wondrous future of an ideal combination of cellular, tablet, and PC operating structures in a hardware bundle that converts at the fly continues to be frustratingly out of reach. Features like the split-display screen in pill mode are exceptional, and the absence of that function become one of the major criticisms we had of Google’s flashy and high-priced new Pixelbook 2-in-1, which arrived returned in October. But Android apps on Chrome aren’t as flexible as they may be throughout all computing formats, as they still lack good enough stylus aid.

Still, it’s clear the imaginative and prescient Google has here is for tablets, 2-in-1s, and standard Chromebook laptops to turn out to be one unified tool category powered via Chrome OS. Yet any other clue suggesting the method arrived closing week with a now-deleted image of an Acer pill jogging Chrome OS, which could make it the first standalone tablet device to accomplish that. The photograph snapped on the generation and schooling expo in London, an approach we might also get a Google or maybe Pixel-branded Chrome OS pill inside the close to destiny, possibly unveiled at Google I/O in May. That could best similarly solidify the company’s pursuits to have Chrome energy all lessons of devices beyond the phone.

Tablet computers are something specific and extraordinary. We haven’t visible something pretty adore it before. Just a few years in the past there is no such product, but now it’s far one of the fastest selling gadgets inside the international and there has never been something love it. And it would probably be difficult to identify that feat within the future.

If you are planning to shop for a pill pc proper now, then you definitely truly have to test what Android pills must offer. There are loads of devices that make use of the software program and all of them have something unique to deliver.

Advantages and Disadvantages- In order that will help you make a choice about whether to shop for an Android tablet or not, I have indexed here a number of the benefits and the negative aspects as properly of these gadgets. I hope this listing of facts will let you in making the quality decision.

• The major gain of Android drugs of the route is the truth that there are such a lot of to pick from. There are so many pill computers the usage of the OS and that is due to the fact Android was made to be versatile and adaptable to any kind of platform. This approach that whatever is your preference in relation to a tool you can probably get it from Android.

• Another notable element approximately Android tablets are that they have low device necessities. They can be set up on devices with very low ratings and yet they could nonetheless characteristic simply as nicely. That is something that you cannot get from different OS.

• With the way that Android has been designed it has an open architecture. This manner that anybody including the users themselves can create apps for Android and might all paintings without any problems at all. Because of that, there is a flood of latest apps that could do lots of factors which can be presently available.

• Android is constantly being up to date, which means that that the OS is constantly being stepped forward and tweaked in order that its performance may be made to be even higher.

• There are loads of lots of apps which are available for gadgets using Android. You are sure to find something so as to match your needs.

Now we go to the hazards that you may get whilst the use of Android tablets:

• One drawback of the Android is the reality that the apps that you can download on your device changed into in reality created with a malicious motive. They can leave you open to security threats and all.

• The reality that there are regular updates for Android which we’ve got listed as an advantage can be traumatic to some human beings. It may be a nuisance to some, and which can fee them valuable time.

Those are only some of the blessings and downsides that you could get whilst you are the use of Android tablets. There are some more, however, thus far the ones are the most important ones that we will call. So keep them in mind while shopping for a pill.


Windows 10 Finally Beats Out eight-Year-Old Operating System

It hasn’t been the smoothest road, but after its release inside the wintry weather of 2015, Windows 10 has, in the end, passed the eight-year vintage Windows 7 as Microsoft’s maximum popular operating device.

Image: Microsoft

According to Statcounter, Windows 10 ran on 42.Seventy-eight according to cent of Windows computers in January 2018 — versus forty-one.86 consistent with a cent for Windows 7. In raw numbers, Windows 10 has been mounted on over 500 million devices as of final May, which is magnificent, even though nonetheless quick of the one billion aim Microsoft’s head of Windows and gadgets Terry Myerson expected at Build 2015.
At this point, you are probably mockingly pronouncing to your self, “large deal, so what?” Actually, there are a number of reasons why you have to care. First and a primary updates because Microsoft has already closed down mainstream support of Windows 7. So even as you will nevertheless get periodic safety patches until extended guide for Windows 7 results in 2020 (which isn’t virtually that far away), you shouldn’t assume any extra new capabilities or enhancements to hit Win 7.

Another cause is simply that Windows 7 is old. Released in 2009, Win7 wasn’t designed for the sort of current computing environments we have now. It does not cope with excessive-decision shows (or more than one-video display units) very well, there may be no integrated guide for such things as fingerprint readers or Windows Hello facial recognition, and trying to use a touchscreen on something running Windows 7 may be considered a form of merciless and uncommon punishment.

And do not even get me began on Windows 7’s pitiful stylus help.

Even compared to the unpopular flop that becomes Windows eight, Win 10 offers quite a few upgrades, along with the potential to snap home windows to corners, significant summaries of what is happening along with your system’s storage, a way higher notification gadget and greater. And of the path, there are also such things as Cortana that come up with new methods to apply and engage with your device.

If you care about gaming, you are actively hurting your self by refusing to upgrade. DirectX 12, a snapshots library used by builders to render all the fancy polygons and results you see in contemporary video games, is best available on Windows 10.

Sure, your video games will nevertheless run on older OSes, but they might not run as speedy or effectively as they might otherwise. Windows 10 also has integrated features that let you take screenshots or recordings without annoying your gameplay the usage of simple shortcuts.

For people who personal an Xbox matters get even higher with Windows 10, which permits you to flow games out of your PC in your console, live in contact with all your friends via the Xbox app, and even play video games purchased on Xbox to your computer (or vice versa) thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative.

After Windows 10 came out, Microsoft gave each Windows 7 person a free improve to its new OS. And at the same time as I wouldn’t fault humans for now not upgrading right now, there is not honestly an excuse anymore. Luckily, it appears that evidently regardless of Microsoft’s plans to shut down the unfastened upgrade carrier for Win7 at the end of 2017, this system looks as if it is still operating, at least for now.

Now I take into account that a few parents won’t have the option to improve because of draconian office rules or ability software program incompatibilities, but that shouldn’t account for half a billion human beings still the usage of Windows 7.

So what are you watching for, it’s time to upgrade. Even although most of the people don’t like change, it’s not cool to be the last individual at the bar, drunkenly reminiscing about the coolest ‘ole days whilst everybody else is trying to ease up and shut things down.

If you can’t set up the MYSQL2 gem in Windows, you want to download the C-Header files from MYSQL. Unlike different gems, MYSQL2 calls for direct linking into a number of the local construct files provided via the library. Unless you have MYSQL mounted already, it way you need to download – and reference – this library from the Internet.

The hassle is that for the reason that MYSQL2 gem calls for certain files to assist it to hook up with the Internet, the gem uses those to a construct. The errors you may acquire will point out “Failed to construct local extensions”. This approach your Windows gadget did not have the header documents required for the gem to be set up efficaciously.

The way to remedy that is to first log onto the MYSQL website and search for “C-Connector”. This is largely the “motive force” for MYSQL, allowing Windows to name some of the pre-compiled functions to assist it to talk with a neighborhood or outside MYSQL installations. The cause of this download is to make certain your pc has the important files to put in the gem.

Once you have got discovered the MYSQL C-Connector file, you need to download it on your difficult force. From this, unzip the record and region its contents to your hard pressure. You should put it on a course which has no spaces, otherwise, the setup reference will damage. A direction which includes C:/downloads/MySQL-c-connector/files will work fine. Please word you do NOT want to put in this – only download the zipped archive, we can do away with it after the gem has been hooked up.

If you have downloaded and placed the files on your difficult power, you want to then install the gem once more. To try this, you have to load up CMD and type the subsequent command “gem deploy mysql2 –platform=ruby — ‘–with-myself-dir=”C:MySQL-connector-path”‘”.

This command will reference the newly set up MYSQL C-Connector library documents which Ruby requires to build the gem. If you have downloaded/mounted it successfully, this should permit Ruby to put in the required documents and so on. If a hit, the cmd will explain the gem has been installed; if not, it’s going to possibly be that you have either downloaded the incorrect files OR you haven’t got some other important library installed on your gadget.