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JOHANNESBURG – The head of a department within the North West Department of Health, Thabo Lekalakala, says that he’s open to any method in order to help clear his name following recent allegations of corruption towards him and Premier Supra Mahumapelo.

Lekalakala is accused of misrepresenting his revel in whilst applying for the summit which he has held considering that 2015.

He is likewise accused of corruption within the branch.

The Health HOD says it is the public hobby that the claims against him are investigated and examined in a court of law.

The Young Communist League within the province has opened a case of fraud and corruption against the HOD and Mahumapelo, who they declare unduly aided the appointment of Lekalakala.

Lekalakala says that the accusations are fake.

“Their claims are misrepresented and I don’t recognize where they get that. I went to that interview, the minimal required became five years and I actually have manner over 10 years in senior control.”

The optimal’s office is mentioned as announcing the claims are baseless and shape part of a smear campaign in opposition to Lekalakala.

As sweet and brilliant as Great Danes are, like several breeds, they have their drawbacks. Their generally short existence span is first in the listing. An excessive average might be seven to 8 years, even though there are definitely exceptions to this. Many were regarded to live from nine to twelve years. This is a query to ask while interviewing a breeder for a puppy. Obviously, their early deaths are due to a few reasons. Unfortunately, extra than their share of health problems are found on this breed. Not all issues listed beneath are life-threatening, however, appear to occur more regularly in Great Danes. Thyroid imbalance, cataracts, and Von Willebrand’s sickness are some health issues that breeders are actually also screening for. Ask the breeder which problems they take a look at. Chances are they will in no way situation you, however, it cannot harm being aware of these health troubles when considering a Dane to your family.

1. Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s Disease (CWD) is an inherited ailment that forestalls the blood from clotting. There are unique grades of vWD that range from clean, to the genetic provider, to affected. Screening consists of a blood test which determines which grade the Dane will fall underneath.

2. Cataracts

There are many reasons for cataracts in puppies, together with damage, vitamins, congenital and genetic inheritance. We are in particular worried about inherited cataracts here. Juvenile, or inherited, cataracts plague Great Danes. Sadly, not many breeders display for cataracts as they cannot usually be visible to the bare eye. There isn’t always plenty data in this circumstance in Danes to attract any conclusions, as they may not live lengthy sufficient for the cataract to ever trouble them. Cataracts are located on the lens of the eye, the clear frame at the back of the iris. Mostly, dilation of the iris is essential to absolutely see the cataract. It is vital that the eyes undergo an every year examination by an authorized ophthalmologist veterinarian. If the dog passes the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) take a look at, a number of – valid for three hundred and sixty-five days – is then issued to the dog.

Three. Thyroid

Problems with the thyroid consist of an over or beneath-lively thyroid. The accurate function of the thyroid is crucial because it influences many factors of the dog’s health. A blood check will take a look at the thyroid performance. The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) will only certify dogs with a normal thyroid. If the thyroid is functioning abnormally, it frequently influences the skin situation and causes a dry, itchy skin with sparse hair growth. Autoimmune troubles are commonplace too, in addition to causing sterility within the reproductive machine.

Four. Panosteitis

Panosteitis is an infection in the long bones of the leg, causing lameness. It is understood to move from leg to leg and usually goes away on its very own. Should the pain be excessive, then a journey to the vet is a great idea. It is unknown what reasons panosteitis. Most frequently, it shows between four and eight months of age and is commonly gone by the time the dog turns.

5. Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is what takes place while the joint of the femur bone (the long thigh bone that joins the pelvis) does not fit simply into the socket of the pelvic bone. Mainly, this takes place due to the pelvic socket being too small to deal with the femur joint. The dog stories ache because they do now not fit nicely and arthritis regularly develops as a result. Fortunately, hip dysplasia is becoming rarer inside the dogs of responsible breeders who frequently screen their dogs for this condition. Screening consists of a hip x-ray and certification by way of OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). Unfortunately, many breeders do not take a look at the hips in their dogs and it’s far they who nevertheless have a very high prevalence of hip dysplasia in their puppies. Insist on both dad and mom being screened for this situation.

6. Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD) influences children for the duration of their quickest boom duration, normally between 4 and ten months of age. It is an intense swelling and infection of the joints that reasons colossal pain for the doggy. Often the canine will simply lie there and cry because the pain is so severe. Diagnosis occurs via x-ray and the purpose is unknown. Be aware of HOD as many veterinarians do no longer recognize it while first presented with it. Treatment is typically a success if caught early and there are several remedy methods, the maximum important being ache to manipulate.

7. Wobblers Syndrome

A disease of the apprehensive gadget, Wobblers Syndrome is while the canine has problems with movement. When the vertebrae in the neck shape abnormally, it creates stress at the spinal twine. There are numerous levels of severity. Some dogs live long, happy lives with the situation, at the same time as others are lamentably euthanized whilst young. A lack of coordination in the hind legs is generally the first symptom. It looks like the canine movements without knowing exactly where its hindquarters are. The hassle is more excessive whilst the dog falls over whilst creating a turn. Sometimes, in very severe instances, the front legs can also be affected. There is seldom ache involved with Wobblers Syndrome.

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