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By posted on May 14, 2020 3:14AM

Yes, I am. That they’re about to understand their worst nightmare– the worst teammate in all of sports activities is coming to the Hall of Fame. And he’s already off to an awful start, in my opinion. Now yeah, perhaps he has a few explanation, and there’s a few justifiable cause he wasn’t there. I reached out to T.O. Over Twitter– we comply with each different– over a DM and asked him, why weren’t you at any of– the Super Bowl or any of the events. “None of your business. Again, kick rocks! Don’t difficulty yourself too much approximately me. Keep kissing ass over there.” That was T.O.’s response.

– He advised you [INAUDIBLE]

– And so he’s telling me to kick rocks. To me, he is telling his Hall of Fame elegance inductees to kick rocks too. Again, he left on Saturday to come lower back right here to be in some Chris Paul bowler’s charity event. But when you get the decision on Saturday, there’s a private jet in order to take you to Minneapolis so that you can beat the Super Bowl and be with your elegance of inductees and begin taking part in matters with your class. It’s like pledging a fraternity. These are your line brothers. And he hasn’t been a part of it. I assume this is a signal he’s going to preserve to stroll to the beat of his own drum, and thus– this won’t be quiet.

– Well, I imply, he has the worst nice, for me, of every person– neediness. I don’t have needy friends. I don’t like being around needy humans. He’s a needy guy. He’s the opposite of Larry Fitzgerald. You recognize, I mean, he just constantly wishes interest and approval. Not my form of guy. That said, whilst you voted him in, you knew that. He’s continually been–

– What if he snubs the Hall of Fame ceremony?

– Well, you understand what? By the manner– I realize you get mad when I say this, and I compare the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the Players’ Hall of Fame– however, players– Paul McCartney and others missed the Hall of Fame rock and roll induction. They’re rock and roll stars. He’s a rock and rolls big name. He is a diva, needy, excessive-maintenance extensive receiver who was certainly productive. Don’t expect him to be a left guard.

– It’s now not a brotherhood at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The NFL Hall of Fame is a brotherhood.


– Talk to the Hall of Famers.

– I got news for you. That rock and rollers all trashed hotel rooms. It’s a little little bit of a brotherhood. They all drank an excessive amount of and partied too hard.

– I would say this– you know, obviously it is disappointing. He had a dedication. Maybe the idea he wasn’t going to get in. I don’t know what goes thru his mind. But here’s the difficulty– if what you are looking to do is get back to the voters because you weren’t a first ballot Hall of Famer– There has been — Randy Moss and Jerry Rice on the receiver role. They have been first ballots. You’re– you’re not in that equal– Like, you are a Hall of Famer, but you ain’t Jerry Rice or Randy Moss. So I would say this– and he becomes an incredible participant, don’t get me incorrect. He’s a tremendous participant. But the bottom line is in case you’re seeking to get lower back on the Hall of Fame citizens, you are missing the factor. The point is, is which you-you’ve got reached rarefied air, man. You’re with a set of men that laid the course earlier than you, that made sacrifices that you don’t even understand about.

JASON WHITLOCK: So you may make–

– That’s– that’s

JASON WHITLOCK: — all that cash.

– That’s the issue is that– I get round– I had the remarkable privilege of assembly one of my formative year’s heroes, Rocky Bleier, this weekend in Minneapolis. And you recognize what? I become one, frightened. Two, I just went to Rocky and stated, I just need to thank you for laying the groundwork that allowed me to play this sport. And looking you as a kid growing up made me need to be a soccer participant. That’s why I’m a soccer participant due to the fact I observe the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So the reverence I even have for the ones men and the reverence you have to have for the one’s guys which you’re within the Hall of Fame with– I’m in no way getting inside the Hall of Fame until I buy a price tag. And I’m OK with that because I wasn’t top enough. But doggone it, those guys sacrificed so that I may want to live out an early life dream. And that is what you’re lacking. You need to get lower back on the voters due to the fact you do not like them. What you’re doing is you are just hurting the men that– that created– which can be– are the reason you’re there.

– Yeah, but you’ve got to recollect, football groups are made up of a sequence of different people. Gronk may be a form of a meathead, and Brady’s obsessed. And then they have an extensive receiver it is funny. Your view of the world isn’t TO’s. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame– Even inside a circle of relatives–

– Would you forestall?

– Even within a circle of relatives–

– Stop!

– –Personalities are unique. You guys all want T.O. To be Larry Fitzgerald.

– And it truly is– it’s going to be my point on this. I mean, come on. You men knew– you realize who T.O. Is. You know what type of character he’s. He’s going to inform you to kick rocks. You’re going to attain out to him and try to offer an olive branch– which is what you had been in all likelihood seeking to do the preceding text earlier than this one DM.

JASON WHITLOCK: Told him to be a good teammate.

– Yeah, whatever. He– he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need to listen to that from you. He got in, he feels jaded now. He’s going to be– it is going to be T.O. This is who he is.

– Why is it OK inside the NBA to have flaky Wilt, needy– gregarious Magic, Kawhi Leonard does not talk, and we are OK with it. But all soccer players should be the exact equal guy.

– No, they shouldn’t be the exact equal guy. We’re speaking about for humans that performed football and love it, this– getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is like heaven in the world.

COLIN COWHERD: He would not like it, he likes it.

– I get– no, he likes what it can do for him. He genuinely does not love soccer.

COLIN COWHERD: That’s OK, too.

– But again, whilst– whilst you get a hazard to join the greatest of the greats of soccer gamers, your reverence for them and the reverence for the guys you are moving into with need to be so overwhelming that something bitterness you’ve got closer to the voters–



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