Board Meeting Deck Templates For Seed Stage Startups

By posted on July 21, 2020 11:23PM

You’ve raised price range and formality has begun. This manner monthly or quarterly meetings together with your Board and your newly appointed members from buyers. As per their information rights, they want updates from you. Darn. Another factor to do! To assist you, I’ve put together a Board deck template to lighten the weight of accomplishing a Board Meeting.

Why do you need a Board deck?

Starting up is hard and you don’t always have the solutions. Fortunately, a terrific Board is at hand to invite the tough questions, provide a sounding Board as properly with a bit of luck valuable perception.

As an early level startup, you are probably going to have conferences with the Board month-to-month, so there’s no hiding. It’s anticipated that you will prepare material in advance.

I’m no longer going to put in writing a load of dull stuff about what a Board assembly is, why you need them and so forth. (People like Steve Blank cover this stuff to various levels). So, take my phrase you will have Board meetings… and that having a pleasing template to kick things off can be on hand! Let’s get into the pragmatic stuff

General Advice For Board Material
Don’t spend too much time making everything perfect except you are a public company with a thousand staff. You need to build your startup. Oli Samwer freaks out at MDs if the slides are quite. Use my template and the whole lot will look decent and dependent.
Slides must be easy and use bullet points. They speak factors – this isn’t always an essay. The meeting is for discussion.
It’s ideal to continually use a regular shape for each assembly so human beings recognize what’s coming. Only exchange it whilst you reach a one-of-a-kind factor on your corporation that warrants it, which includes transferring from attempting to find product-market healthy to scaling.
Targets and deliverables need to be particular and a person must be responsible for turning in each account factor.
Don’t use jargon until each person is familiar with it.
Make it genuinely clear how the Board can assist. Ask specially and at once! Don’t ask for recruiting help, ask for a selected function and preferably have a JD to hand.
You need to ‘document’ statistics, however, virtually useful meetings are forward focussed on what you have to do. This is where your future is, more precious than the day before!
Best Practice Before A Board Meeting
Send the deck three/4 days earlier, at minimum 24 hours and inform the Board to be organized. If directors have remarked, update your deck with their remarks. Make the meeting and fabric dynamic, instead of in simple terms one path. Including difficult inquiries to be mentioned permits administrators to ruminate over them and come to assembly organized with insight. If you have all your financials and KPIs protected you don’t want to run thru numbers line by using line which gives you time for fee upload sports
Schedule the meeting per week earlier at the minimum. Ensure it’s miles in everybody’s calendar. Send a routine calendar invite and test human beings take delivery of your invite
Ensure all and sundry is agreement at the frequency and length of meetings. Once a month is really helpful for early companies. For later degree businesses meetings may be quarterly. The conferences should be 2-3 hours long. As Brad Feld says “I think two hours is simply too quick. But more than three hours of severe discussion will flip maximum brains to mush. So, you can’t go on too long either.”

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