Venezuela crisis: Attorney general banned from leaving country

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has banned the legal professional popular from leaving the United States of America and frozen all of her property.
The court docket, that is ruled by way of government loyalists, said Luisa Ortega Díaz had dedicated serious mistakes.

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Ms. Ortega, as soon as a staunch authorities best friend, broke ranks in March while she said a strive by the Supreme Court to strip the competition-controlled Congress of its powers turned into illegal.
Critics accept as true with President Nicolás Maduro is trying to push Ms. Ortega out.
She faces a hearing on four July – some analysts say she can also sooner or later be placed on trial. The flow comes amid growing political turmoil in Venezuela.
According to reviews, the accusations against her confer with the appointment of judges.
The Supreme Court recently transferred Ms. Ortega’s powers of research to the country-wide ombudsman.

Media captionThe helicopter circles homes earlier than gunshots and a bang are heard
On Wednesday, she strongly criticized President Maduro following an incident wherein a stolen police helicopter flew over government buildings in the capital, Caracas, dropping grenades and firing pictures.
Mr. Maduro referred to as it a “terrorist attack” but Ms. Ortega stated Venezuela changed into laid low with “state terrorism” because of the harsh response with the aid of government to anti-authorities protests.
The suspected pilot, a rogue elite police officer identifying himself as Oscar Pérez, published Instagram movies admitting the assault and calling on Venezuelans to upward thrust up against the government.


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Venezuelan safety forces later stated they’d observed the helicopter, near the north coast within the kingdom of Vargas. There changed into no signal of the pilot.
There have been nearly each day anti-government protests in Venezuela for more than two months as us of as monetary and political crisis worsens

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