Body positivity blogger calls Instagram the ‘thief of joy’

By posted on September 29, 2019 6:24PM

On Monday, Milly published an earlier than-and-after photo evaluation of herself in a comparable vein to the one before. But this time, the point becomes to reveal that evaluating ourselves in any respect is the ‘thief of pleasure’.
‘Same female, same day, identical time,’ she wrote.
‘With a digital camera angle and apparel, I can change my frame into something that society would deem greater suitable that than the image on the right.’

She says that it’s ‘no longer OK’ that we are all being driven to appearance ‘more filtered, more posed, extra flexed’ because it ‘makes us ashamed, afraid and green with envy of our-our bodies’.

‘We compare ourselves to those pics of posted, strategically taken pix. Comparing yourself is a thief of your pleasure/self-love or even extra so when you’re evaluating aesthetics to pix that aren’t true.’
She went on to urge her fans to begin deleting money owed that don’t lead them to feel absolutely glad and delightful.
Her post returned in January become to do with accepting that the ‘perfect body’ online is regularly an illusion and now she’s attempting to expose humans how easy it is to govern your image on-line.

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