WA Auditor General able to guess database

By posted on June 13, 2020 9:15PM

Ds. “I preserve to document the equal common weaknesses year after year and yet many businesses are nevertheless no longer taking motion.”

Murphy said he is “mainly pissed off” with companies in the kingdom, for the reason that many issues he has previously raised can be effortlessly addressed. These consist of poor password control and making sure strategies to recover data and operations in the event of an incident are kept updated, he defined.

Globe Inform

=General making 22 findings, with 32 percentage stemming from its weak safety policies and methods.

While ChemCentre applies many technical controls to make certain the safety of its applications and records, the record stated many controls won’t meet protection goals, because the guidelines are lacking or outdated.

“The password coverage ultimately reviewed in 2010, allows users to set simple passwords along with ‘password’ or ‘12345678’. In addition, the coverage does no longer require stronger passwords for the notably privileged community, database, and application accounts,” the report says.

“As an end result, we had been effortlessly capable of wager passwords for the database gadget administrator account and for money owed inside ForLIMS.”


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As an end result, Murphy made six hints that ChemCentre have to adopt by using August 2017, which includes developing new, and reviewing current, safety guidelines; updating its danger management framework and conduct a chance assessment; conduct a enterprise effect assessment and increase a catastrophe restoration plan; and expand an IT strategic plan, software program improvement process, and update software documentation to make sure suitable controls are in region to defend sensitive records.

The Auditor General made similar guidelines to the alternative 4 government entities, asking Police to check the procedure for coping with security vulnerabilities, software updates, and patches, and to bear in mind automating its guide procedures for instantaneous infringements.

He additionally recommended the Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor look at automating its guide tactics and that it better outline get right of entry to management for its structures.

The results for records protection and commercial enterprise continuity were flagged as disappointing with the aid of Murphy, with 61 percent of companies failing to obtain a stage three or better in facts protection, with seventy-three percent failing to meet stage 3 or better in enterprise continuity.

However, Lotterywest, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and Racing and Wagering Western Australia have been flagged as consistently demonstrating exact control practices throughout all regions assessed.

Only 39 percen correctly recognize the threat posed by using malware and other cyberthreats to the country authorities.

The Queensland Audit Office (QAO) also tabled a file this week, targeted at the Security of vital water infrastructure inside the country.

The record [PDF] found water management structures in Queensland had been now not as comfortable as they have to were, noting the age of among the manage systems, combined with greater current integration with company networks, had led to higher dangers that had now not constantly been recognized and tested by way of the entities themselves.

“Security controls did not sufficiently protect them from internal or outside data technology-associated attacks,” the File says, noting all entities probed had been prone to security breaches or hacking assaults due to weaknesses in procedures and controls.

Of issue to the QAO is the ability for attacks to disrupt water and wastewater remedy offerings, as well as related services that depend on the entities’ IT environments.

“There was a threat to public health and appreciable economic loss in phrases of lost productiveness, no longer best to water service providers but additionally to citizens and organizations,” the QAO wrote.


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