Ricky Wilson:

I’m on a aircraft at the least twice a week, and I’ve been to some destinations 10 or 20 times – but locations change and, as with human beings, you can’t tell whether or not they’re bad or now not until you’ve been extra than as soon as. You discover a lot

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The Caribbean. I love Jamaica, where I became lately, and Antigua. You can’t assist but be secure there. Schedules and emails exit of the window as soon as I land. Nothing in life is really that pressing.

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The coast of Jamaica
The coast of Jamaica

Favorite Inn?


The Bowery in New York. If you have a bathtub with a view of the Empire State Building, you already know you’re inside the right region. The Soho Hotel in London additionally stands out. My girlfriend turned into staying with me once and I asked the staff to leave 3 cartons of her favorite drink – orange Ribena – in a bucket of ice, with a touching gift from me next to it. Two years later, I stayed at the identical lodge and when I arrived in my room, there has been a bucket of ice with three cartons of orange Ribena in it. That to me said more about the inn provider than any pillow menu can.


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I’ve also developed a ritual in the course of hotel stays which I call “The Michael Douglas” hour, invented by way of my pal, wherein after a protracted bath and slathering yourself in all the bathroom merchandise, you stand by means of the window on your gown, drinking a pitcher of whisky or brandy, with random rolling news walking at the small screen television in the background. And only for a moment, you experience how Michael Douglas seems in every film. It’s made my existence infinitely higher.


The most rock ‘n’ roll experience you’ve had on your travels?

I as soon as checked into a Paris in round the middle of the night but became checking out at 6 am. In my room, they left me a bottle of champagne. I most effective had hand-baggage, so I couldn’t carry it with me. So rather, I got into the bath, sprayed it all over myself, and had one glass earlier than going straight to bed. It fulfilled an existence-lengthy dream of mine.

Favorite cities?

London, Lisbon and New York, wherein all the first-class films are set. In any city, I’m now not afraid to do touristy things. One time whilst the Kaiser Chiefs had been in Paris, Whitey [the band’s guitarist] and I went on an open-top-bus excursion. Even although it becohich I think is achieved genuinely well, with tiny tables and really low lamps over them. And any pub within the UK on a Sunday feels like domestic to me – a very good old school boozer with puppies, a fireplace, and dirty glasses, and with no one judging you for having each mustard and mint sauce with your Sunday lunch.