Porterville City Council concurs to popular tax measure

By posted on May 20, 2020 2:23AM

the measure could assist public protection, road upgrades, sports facility, a new library

The Porterville City Council agreed Tuesday to put a well-known tax measure on the November 2018 poll.

The council also directed workforce to the problem a request for qualifications (RFQ) for public policy-orientated studies corporations to conduct citizen polling.

The widespread tax degree might assist several ability topics, such as stronger public protection, a multi-use indoor sports facility, nearby avenue upgrades and a brand new most important library facility, stated City Manager John Lollis.

The council vote changed into 4-0, with Councilman Bryan Ward absent for the vote.

The council has no longer determined on an amount for the measure. Porterville’s modern-day sales tax rate is the second maximum in Tulare County at 8.25 percentage, the same as Tulare, but barely less than Visalia at 8.Five percentage. The common income tax price in California is 7.Seventy five percent. The maximum sales tax charge within the nation is 10.25 percentage for several towns in Los Angeles County.


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Unlike a special tax measure in which taxes are imposed for a selected motive, Lollis stated with a fashionable income tax measure the council is confined and limited from identifying unique functions.

City Attorney Julia Lew said there can’t be a felony requirement that funds generated from the overall tax measure be used on any precise cause as that might make it a special tax. She added that the council also cannot advise for or towards the general tax degree.

“I can provide you men [city council] with extra facts as we get closer so anyone is familiar with where the one’s traces are as it could be truly important that they are now not crossed,” Lew stated.

Lollis stated the overall tax measure, despite the fact that requires lower voter approval at 50 percent plus one vote as compared to 66.67 percentage for a special tax measure, isn’t always a positive approach due to the fact there is not a clean expenditure plan.

“I might say that is a number of the disadvantage at searching at a fashionable [tax measure],” Lollis stated, including that passage fees for widespread tax measures have no longer been relatively successful in Tulare County as a whole.

Nevertheless, Councilmember Cameron Hamilton said he is excited about the general tax measure and likes the truth that the humans get to make the selection on whether or not it passes or no longer.

“All we’re going to do is positioned it [ballot measure] out there,” Hamilton said.

Now that the council agreed to a trendy tax degree, the subsequent step, consistent with the council’s recommended timetable, is to formalize representative agreements, discover fees, draft poll and subject interviews, all of that’s scheduled to be finished this month. In March, the purpose is for the council to behavior and examine polling, examine degree feasibility and finalize a timetable and outreach plan.

In April, the council will commence Citizens’ Task Force activities and enforce first non-partisan mailer. The council plans on persevering with Citizen’s Task Force sports for the month of May.

In June, the game plan is to continue Citizens’ Task Force sports and put into effect 2nd non-partisan mailer. The council will use July to finalize a poll query and independent analysis, expenditure plan and voter handout materials. Following the election calendar for ballot filings is the final mission for council with regard to the placement of a tax poll degree on the November election.

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