Carlsbad man, 102, units global zip-lining document

By posted on September 5, 2020 7:56AM

Not a great deal scares Glenn Quillin. Ever since the Carlsbad retiree needed to bail out of an aircraft with a useless engine in 1931, he has had a flavor for thrill rides.

On Saturday, he celebrated his current 102nd birthday via putting the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to trip a zipper line.

This year’s aerial journey, performed on the La Jolla Zip Zoom park in Pauma Valley in San Diego County, was clearly the today’s daredevil stunt for Quillin. He marked his a hundredth birthday in January 2016 with a tandem skydive in Jamul.

“There’s continually quite a few anticipation while you log the sort of new adventures, and I felt very cozy alongside the manner,” he stated afterward. “It’s an extraordinary vicinity and the human beings have been fantastic.”

Chad Gutierrez, who manages La Jolla Zip Zoom, said he become amazed at Quillin’s bravery. The mountainside enchantment has three “excessive” zip lines, where passengers in helmets and harnesses travel at speeds up to 50 mph at distances up to two,700 toes and a vertical drop of as a whole lot as 800 toes.

“He’s been having a blast,” Gutierrez said, simply as Quillin was heading down the mountain for his 0.33 and very last journey Saturday afternoon. “He’s braver than the majority who come out right here. We’ve had people end on the primary one, and he couldn’t wait to do them all.”

Once certified by the Guinness World Records agency, Quillin will very own the document held by a ninety-12 months-old, consistent with Quillin’s grandson Mike Welch, who organized each the skydiving and zip-lining adventures.

“He’s constantly had an adventurous spirit and he loves doing things that make people’s jaws drop,” Welch said. “They had suggested that he pass one of the shorter runs nowadays and take a relaxation, however, he desired to do them all. He just charged through it all and enjoyed the whole lot.”

Quillin become raised in Illinois and has lived in California for most of his lifestyles. During World War II, he labored at the Manhattan Project in New Mexico supervising a mechanical engineering crew that supported the radiation labs. He went on to work for Hughes Aircraft for decades in Los Angeles and owned a real estate business along with his spouse, who died in 2010.

He has lived in the Carlsbad By The Sea retirement network given that 1998, in which he stays fit by means of journeying the gym several days every week.

“He’s busier than I am,” Welch said of his grandpa. “When I need to go to him I need to ensure to check his calendar due to the fact he is got a lot happening.”

Quillin’s colorful lifestyles are the subject of a new play, “The Price of Peace,” by Oceanside actor-playwright Lance Arthur Smith. It premiered in December in a new play pageant at New Village Arts in Carlsbad. Smith said he sees Quillin as a hero.

“He is, he genuinely is,” Smith said. “He’s incredible. He’s a fat cat — I like him plenty.”

Quillin is already searching in advance for his subsequent massive adventure. A hot-air balloon ride is on the list, along with one extra skydive.

Welch said that the Guinness World Record for the oldest skydiver is 102, so he and Quillin are hoping to interrupt that document next January when Quillin turns 103.

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