The power to file cellular software insects in user’s hands

By posted on April 29, 2020 11:12AM

Every day we stumble upon insects in mobile apps. They might also lock up or carry out in a way we didn’t count on, but what if you could file the bug to builders because it took place with all the contextual statistics they need to fix the hassle? That’s what Buglife a member of the Winter 2018 Y Combinator class is trying to do.

The founders, Dan DeCovnick and Dave Schukin, came up with an early new release of the idea in 2011 at the same time as each has been running at Amazon developing a music player for the iPhone. They determined whilst beta testing the software program that people might run into problems like tune now not streaming in positive situations, and would e-mail them. But they lacked context approximately what turned into occurring on the cell phone when the problem took place.

They needed to recognize greater to remedy the trouble which includes the smartphone kind, the OS model, and the underlying log facts. They constructed a few essential tooling whilst at Amazon to assist seize that records, but the same problem popped up at subsequent jobs at Yammer and Twitter, and he stated he stored seeing the same reporting hole.


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They released Buglife in 2016 to productize their trojan horse reporting device concept. They joined Y Combinator final month. The way the service works is that developers embed the Buglife SDK of their iOS or Android app. When a user encounters a bug, they are able to truly shake the smartphone, or the developers can select exceptional a manner to go into the Buglife workflow. Then they are able to take a screenshot, draw an arrow to the computer virus and an input a be aware approximately it. Buglife captures all associated facts like capture logs, network data and routes it to Jira or Slack to offer developers with wealthy worm reviews in the reporting equipment they’re used to the usage of.

Photos: Buglife

Shukin says they first noticed the tool as a way to report insects once they had been testing the app in-house before the discharge, but they have found after they put it out within the global, developers have been the use of their tool on stay apps in the app stores too.

He says the huge difference between his organization’s product and ones like Crashlytics or Bugsnag (an organization we these days wrote about), is that they’re more an try and automate the QA procedure. Schukin stated that Buglife is more approximately person feedback/crowdsourcing the forms of bugs that are hard to automate.

If you’re worried about the privacy implications of taking a screenshot and sending it to developers, Shukin says they have got set it up, so that touchy fact like smartphone numbers and credit card numbers may be blurred out whilst the screenshot is taken.

The agency is reporting some proper early traction with some three hundred apps embedding their worm-reporting SDK. They rate on a consistent with app according to month basis with a free pricing tier for indie and open source builders. They have an agency pricing level to assist groups with more complicated integrations.

The founders are the most effective employees at the moment and they felt that joining Y Combinator become a no-brainer. As more than one engineers, they can get guidance on the intricacies of going for walks an enterprise. “For starters, [it’s helpful] just being linked to a number of founders and getting a recommendation from them and listening to about their studies constructing comparable businesses,” Shukin said.

“I have masses of buddies to ask coding questions, but no one to invite how do I negotiate a settlement or address hiring. Having to get admission to to those resources has been massive,” he said.

As for the destiny, the agency wants to be the answer for developers to gather cellular app bug facts from the arena. “We need to be the point of interest where groups can effortlessly collect all feasible facts and context of in which the user became pissed off or become having troubles and intelligently offer all of that records for builders while not having to leap thru hoops with customer support.”

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