Facebook gave users Russian protection software program

By posted on August 16, 2020 4:53AM

Facebook gave the Russian antivirus software program at the center of spying fears to a massive quantity of users from 2015 to ultimate year.

The tech and publishing employer informed a congressional inquiry into Russian interference inside the US election that it stopped providing Kaspersky Lab’s scans final October.

It said it turned into “not able to without problems reconstruct what number of customers downloaded the software program”. However, a discern inside the tens of millions appears likely. Kaspersky stated in June 2015: “In the final three months we’ve blanketed over 260,000 Facebook users.”

Last summer Kaspersky software program turned into banned for use by US federal organizations over claims that it turned into used by Russia to thieve files from the National Security Agency. GCHQ cautioned British government departments no longer to

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