Web-layout tweak might also cease BRS opt-in confusion

By posted on September 3, 2020 10:27AM

Defense officers seem to have shifted the location of the hyperlinks at the myPay website after some service individuals raised issues that troops could make an irrevocable election of the Blended Retirement System with one fallacious click on.

A Military Times reader furnished data about the brand new configuration.
The “Opt Into the Blended Retirement System” link has been moved down the menu and into its personal segment. It was next to the hyperlink that leads troops to their Leave and Earnings Statement, a common click on for myPay users.

A soldier’s email to Military Times mentioned worries that the format of the myPay website changed into causing confusion, based totally on emails circulating around his command. But it’s no longer feasible to accidentally make a selection about the BRS with one click, stated Andrew Corso, the Defense Department’s undertaking lead for mixed retirement. He mentioned the multiple steps required for a provider member to decide into the BRS.

He said his workplace had received “a small quantity” of questions about the placement of the links on the myPay website, and that officers had been in contact with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, that is liable for the internet site,

Further records changed into no longer to be had from DFAS, including whether they’ve received court cases about the location.

Soldiers, sailors, and airmen have till Dec. 31 to decide into BRS via myPay. Marines have the same closing date, however, need to use Marine Online to make their choice and should achieve this whether they’re opting into BRS or staying inside the cutting-edge device; if the member of the other offerings needs to stay within the present day device, they do not anything.

Only individuals who are eligible to make your mind up will see these options of their myPay account.

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