Attorney General to join Dallas voter fraud investigation

By posted on June 13, 2020 12:30AM

DALLAS – The Texas Attorney General’s office will be part of the Dallas County District Attorney’s office as it investigates allegations of voter fraud.

“We had been involved in this research for a while,” stated Faith Johnson, Dallas County District Attorney. “So, we’re taking the lead, in an effort to the volume that we’re nonetheless in rate, we are still taking the lead and the attorney popular’s office may be supporting us in any type of manner that we are in need of that help.”

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She made the assertion Wednesday afternoon with Attorney General Ken Paxton and top staffers from both organizations.

“Nothing is more sacred to our democracy than the integrity of our balloting manner. My office will do everything in its skills to solidify consider in every election right here and around the country of Texas,” said Paxton.

Neither Johnson nor Paxton took questions after the statement because the D.A. Said it remains an ongoing research.

Later, the lawyer trendy spoke to WFAA.

“It’s simply her research. We’re simply here to assist her,” said Paxton. “We’re simply basically imparting up our quality and brightest from our workplace.”

His workplace does carry extra assets and revel into neighborhood prosecutors who’ve investigated abuse of absentee ballots on account that March. What exactly their position will be staying doubtful.

Since March, WFAA has produced stories about electorate who received a mail-in ballot however in no way requested one, useless people making use of for absentee ballots, and electorate showing up to the polls handiest to find out someone else has already cast a poll of their name. A former campaign employee even alleged the corruption extends into the Dallas County Elections Department.


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In a courtroom submitting this spring, county prosecutors stated seven-hundred mail-in ballots were suspicious from May’s municipal election.

Based on what he has seen so far, Paxton turned into requested whether or not he thinks laws had been broken in Dallas County.

“I cannot comment on actual outcomes of this investigation,” stated the legal professional general.

For greater than a year, the Texas Attorney General’s workplace has investigated comparable claims in Tarrant County, as nicely. Paxton became requested whether he expects indictments to be an end result of that paintings.

“Again, I can not comment on specifics. I can simply tell you that we’re persevering with to pursue that case,” continued Paxton.

But the politics of this assertion are noteworthy. Faith Johnson is the most effective Republican official in a deeply Democratic Dallas County. Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, appointed her to meet the closing term of Susan Hawk after she resigned for health reasons.

Republicans need Johnson re-elected and they want to make an assertion that voter fraud simply exists.

“I do suppose there are matters we are able to do,” defined Paxton, a former country representative. “We want to observe our voting machines, we need to look at the whole manner. We realize thru a number of the work which you’ve accomplished and a number of the paintings that we have executed that we do have an issue with voter fraud.”

How massive of a deal is absentee voting fraud?

“I assume it may be substantial, and I suppose it really is another region the legislature need to without a doubt recall inside the future,” brought Paxton.

Next month, the legislature will. An invoice being written via nation Sen. Kelly Hancock, R-North Richland Hills, and nation Rep. Craig Goldman, R-Fort Worth, will potentially enhance consequences for voter fraud as this investigation keeps.

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