WordPress plugin that turns blog posts into audio

By posted on May 23, 2020 4:56PM

Amazon these days is launching a brand new Amazon Polly WordPress plugin that offers your blog a voice by creating audio variations of your posts. The ensuing audio can be performed from within the weblog submit itself, or accessed in podcast form using a feature known as Amazon Pollycast, the employer says.

The plugin itself changed into mutually designed by Amazon’s AWS crew and managed WordPress platform company WP Engine and takes benefit of Amazon’s textual content-to-speech service, Polly.

First delivered at Amazon’s re Invent developer occasion returned in November 2016, Polly uses device studying technologies beneath the hood to deliver the extra life-like speech. For instance, Polly is aware that the word “stay” might be reported in another way based totally on its utilization. In the phrases “I live in Seattle” and “Live from New York,” the phrase has spelled the identical, however, isn’t spoken in an identical way. That manner the voices sound more herbal than a few different, extra basic voice-to-textual content engines.


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The Polly speech engine launched with forty-seven male and lady’s voice and assist for 24 languages. Since then, Amazon added aid for Korean, another 5 languages, and made Polly available in all regions in the AWS partition.

The era’s capabilities have additionally advanced, with the added assist for things like whispering, speech marks, a timbre effect, and dynamic variety compression. These sorts of voice technology improvements also are matters that make Alexa sound more herbal, too. Similar to Polly, Alexa learned how to whisper and exchange the pitch of her voice in advance this 12 months.

The release of the WordPress plugin isn’t the primary time Polly has been used to show virtual text to speech, of direction. The provider itself has always been capable of turning any text – news articles, blog posts, RSS feeds, PDFs, and greater – into audio. However, making this functionality to be had as a WordPress plugin makes Polly extra reachable to a wider target market.

However, the plugin is only available to everyone going for walks their very own installation of WordPress on their very own infrastructure or on AWS and does require a chunk of configuration. That can also make it a bit greater difficult for much less technical sorts to use. (Instructions are here on the Amazon developer blog and on the plugin’s web page.)

Once installed, the plugin makes calls to Amazon Polly on every occasion a weblog publish is saved or up to date.

In addition to sincerely studying posts aloud, Polly’s flexibility means you may configure unique voices for special bylines or use one-of-a-kind voices for quoted text. The plugin can also provide translation abilities so your blog might be examined by way of individuals who talk other languages.

For podcasters, the plugin includes a characteristic called Pollycast that helps you to manipulate the iTunes parameters that are inside the generated RSS feed, like the iTunes category, photograph, contact email, and specific content material flag.

The Amazon Polly plugin is unfastened, however, the use of Polly isn’t.

Pricing is based totally on the variety of characters in the speech requests. It’s additionally well worth noting the AWS loose tier allows up to five million characters consistent with a month at no rate for the primary year after you start to use Polly.

Have you ever attempted the use of a countdown timer? I think the majority of us do. So, what is it for? One of the reasons will be controlling the time span of a selected special offer or promo due to the fact freebies may want to never be around every single day in a year. If it’s the case it’d mean lowering the rate to the fullest for eternity and this is an unwise element to do.

The remaining countdown bar enables you to grow a timer for every web page of your WordPress powered web page. Basically, it is the one who continues track of the closing time of the event so that you do no longer have to check your clock and calendar often for the reason of terminating the promo.

Let us cite an instance, say you need to give a special offer to your client for two days. The provision will stay active for forty-eight hours, extra than the required time could suggest the users can’t enter that unique web page anymore. This plugin is a totally handy factor to apply due to the fact monitoring the anticipated time left for a web page might not be a trouble to the webmasters anymore. This creates slack to generate greater leads. Thus we are able to say that it will increase the conversion fees of income pages, choose-in pages, and promos. It snags the energy of scarcity to deliver out the great of your web page. The appearance of the countdown bar isn’t a problem since it is designed very well which would make it suitable for every WordPress powered web page.

3 Basic Steps in configuring a plugin:

1. Purchase/download the plugin.

2. Upload the downloaded plugin from the pc directory.

Three. Install the plugin on WordPress and set off it.

Guidelines for the use of the plugin:

1. Go to pages and upload the new post.

2. A countdown bar phase is substantive on the right side of the “publish web page”

3. Adding a title is completed by way of typing the favored identify at the primary row of the countdown bar.

4. If you want to select the page or URL to be redirected after the timer, you may change it by converting the URL simply beneath the title for the countdown bar.

Five. Adding to an expiration date and time will be changed/ introduced under the URL redirection.

6. Selecting the layout of the timer is likewise feasible.

7. The countdown bar will begin robotically as soon as the publish is posted.
There are masses of WordPress plugins obtainable. In fact, presently there are over 23,000 plugins to be had for download from WordPress.Org. It can honestly be overwhelming for absolutely the amateur to WordPress. Here are 6 vital plugins that each new WordPress site must have:

6 Essential WordPress Plugins

1) Akismet

As your WordPress website gets increasingly popular, you’ll locate that you will get extra comments SPAM (assuming you permit site visitors to your website to put up remarks). The Akismet plugin provides a strong and reliable manner for you to manage this SPAM. Whenever a person posts a new comment on your WordPress website, it’s miles checked against the Akismet web provider in order to fast pick out whether or no longer the comment is SPAM. The Akismet plugin is unfastened for personal websites and you can pick out how a good deal you want to pay in your commercial enterprise website. So start by deciding on ‘non-public’ website and strive out Akismet. If you’ve got an enterprise website and assume the plugin is worth the cash, then just returned and pay what you experience it is really worth.

2) WordPress SEO by using Yoast

If you need to get seek visitors, then one factor you’ll need to do is make certain which you have super on-page optimization. WordPress surely has a whole lot of true search engine marketing help built-in these days, but the WordPress search engine optimization by using Yoast plugin actually takes that further and lets you write higher ‘search engine optimization friendly’ content material. The plugin is free and offers a number of high-quality capability that ensures each page on your web website online is fully optimized for search engines like google and yahoo. It additionally consists of the capacity to create a sitemap XML record which the search engines like google can use to better discover all pages on your site.




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