WordPress customers – do an replace now

By posted on May 23, 2020 12:52PM

WordPress just introduced a maximum embarrassing computer virus.

Earlier this week, the sector’s maximum extensively used blogging and content transport platform pushed out its Version 4.Nine.3 Maintenance Release.

There weren’t any important safety patches in this one, however, there have been 34 trojan horse fixes, and who doesn’t need insects constant directly?

And for more than four years, updating WordPress has been pretty clear – you haven’t had to type a single word or press an unmarried button.

As Naked Security’s Mark Stockley wrote, lower back in October 2013 while WordPress 3.7 got here out:

These days, some estimates positioned the WordPress website share even better, within the higher 20% variety, so automatic updates are even greater importance than they have been again in 2013.
The Catch 22 computer virus
Unfortunately, the WordPress 4.Nine.3 replace added an updating trojan horse: after vehicle-updating to 4.9.Three, WordPress will now not replace automatically.


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The properly news is that 4.Nine.Four is already out, posted as an emergency fix simply sooner or later…

…but the bad news is that you’ll pretend it’s 2012 all over again and update with the aid of the hand. (Sadly, you’re simplest pretending, so you received’t be able to choose up a pocketful of bitcoins for $10 every at the same time as you’re there.)

Once you get 4.Nine.Four, auto-updating could be restored, so while 4.Nine.Five comes out, it ought to contend with itself as you’d expect.

What to do?
WordPress has published a proof of the malicious program and unique instructions for “handraulic” updating; the TL;DR model is:

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