Is WordPress The Way To Go In Website Design?

By posted on June 8, 2020 8:50AM

By: Allison Turner CEO and Owner of BCoSF, Inc. Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

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Today, Small Business owners have choices in how you want to be represented on the net. No longer have to you’ve got a coded website online this is managed through your Webmaster in which you must contact her or him to make any modifications. In truth, you’ve got a ton of options and greater maintain to pop up day by day. The 4 maximum famous seem to be WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace that will let you replace the internet site yourself, or better yet, have your assistant update it. Each of these structures gives you an extensive variety of alternatives for the appearance and sense.

What is the bottom line on your website? Is it how it appears? The consumer friendliness? The branding elements? Yes, it is the appearance, the texture and truly the emblem due to the fact this is your on-line advertising and marketing brochure for the arena to potentially see. You want your website to be professional, represent and build consistency on your brand and provide the man or woman or business with the facts they may be looking for.

With that being stated, all of these platforms have the capability of creating a pleasant appearance and experience even though WordPress might be the most complete and permits you to build the exact elements you need on your website online or pick a theme from 1000’s of selections that have what you are seeking out.


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But after the look and experience, we have the search engine marketing or Search Engine Optimization. You don’t certainly need to create an internet site so when a person gets your commercial enterprise card, they’ll go to your website and check it out. Otherwise, you need to hand out a number of business cards. Instead, you need your web page to be observed on the internet through a capability customer.

I will now not lie and say that SEO is an easy job. It isn’t. Google is continuously changing its algorithms so the average business doesn’t know what to do or a way to adjust. If you’re depending on internet traffic to your business, you then may need to recollect hiring an expert (but this takes lots of studies and pointers). With that being stated, I am honestly talking about what platform to use to build your internet site. This is step one among your online presence.

Many agree that whilst you have a look at “Search Engine Friendliness,” WordPress is high-quality of the four. That doesn’t imply the alternative 3 are horrible due to the fact they have got improved but they aren’t WordPress. While WordPress can also take a touch longer to understand than one of the other 3 structures, in the long run, it’s miles worth it.

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