The 15 biggest moments in Canadian sports

By posted on June 29, 2020 3:02AM

Editors observe: This is part of CBC Sports’ collection of testimonies celebrating a number of Canada’s top sports heroes and moments because the United states of America mark its 150th birthday this year. We’ve revisited the lives of baseball Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins, velocity skater Gaetan Boucher, skier Nancy Greene, discern skater Barbara Ann Scott, distance runner Tom Longboat, Kentucky Derby winner Northern Dancer, sprinter Harry Jerome, car racing’s Villeneuve own family and music megastar/sports writer Bobbie Rosenfeld. We’ve additionally explored the Richard Riot, Babe Ruth’s Canadian connections and Canada’s function in inventing the primary North American sports.
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The urge to make lists runs deep.
Name a magazine, internet site, radio or TV show, newspaper, weblog, blog or podcast that doesn’t crank out as a minimum the occasional Top 10 list. Media people, like everybody else, take comfort in making experience and order from lifestyles’ barrage of random stuff. Lists assist.
So, with Canada turning one hundred fifty years antique, your pals at CBC Sports decided it might be useful to create a definitive list of the 15 biggest moments in Canadian sports activities history. It’s now not one per decade, but 15 kinds of rhymes with 150, so just roll with us on that element. There may be more to argue approximately than the period of our listing.
We convened a panel — skilled journalists, stats humans, researchers, younger keepers, wily veterans. We desired really country wide activities. Moments that made an enduring difference throughout the USA. So a Grey Cup for the Roughriders or some other Stanley Cup for the Canadiens wasn’t desirable enough. We fought like bobcats in a sack.
So here we go. You have to do your own drumroll.

15. Vince Carter wins the Slam Dunk Contest
During the 2000 NBA All-Star festivities, Vince Carter, the Toronto Raptors superstar and Jordanesque “Air Apparent,” blew the doors off the dunk contest with a chain of actions which includes a via-the-legs slam. Carter’s display becomes a watershed moment for basketball in Canada. The hype surrounding his feat helped bring in NBA-level infrastructure to the Greater Toronto Area. The city this is domestic to one-fifth of all Canadians began to turn out to be a hotbed for an aggressive ball.
Basketball has exploded in Canada, and it changed into Vince’s jams that lit the fuse.

14. Schmirler the Curler captures Olympic gold
At the 1998 Nagano Games, Sandra Schmirler and her rink delivered Canada’s first Olympic gold in curling. To that date, it becomes the biggest unmarried moment in our us of as records in the sport.


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Schmirler, Joan McCusker, Jan Betker and Marcia Gudereit insisted that curling in Saskatchewan saved them humble — regardless of how prestigious their global wins, they said pals at home ought to nonetheless mission them at the ice. Schmirler’s rink gained 3 Canadian championships and three worlds. They in no way lost a global tournament. Some say they were ladies’ curling’s nice foursome ever.
Cancer ended the skip’s life tragically younger, but the Sandra Schmirler Foundation maintains to contribute tens of millions of dollars to neonatal units in hospitals across Canada.
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13. Marilyn Bell swims Lake Ontario
Maybe the unmarried most interesting shared second for Canadians in the Fifties. The use became united, breathless, rooting for the sixteen-12 months-old woman during her 32-mile swim from Youngstown, N.Y., to Toronto.
Before contemporary media, past the attain of TV cameras, those 21 hours of patie

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