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Considering his accomplishments and accolades, Warriors shield Stephen Curry turned into one of the maximum underpaid athletes in all of the professional sports for the past four seasons. That’s no longer the case.
After making simply $forty-four million over the previous four years mixed, Curry will now rake in around $forty million subsequent seasons on my own after agreeing to a five-yr, $201 million copes with the Warriors early Saturday morning, per his agent.
Curry will become the highest paid participant in the NBA, and the player with the very best common annual revenue of any of the 4 primary American sports … Via far.
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Stephen Curry now has the highest average annual price contract of any athlete inside the 4 fundamental North American seasoned sports.
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Diamondbacks pitcher Zack Greinke is the closest at $34.4 million, even as the NFL’s Derek Carr is next at $25 million. NHL stars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane get the short quiet of the stay with a measly $10.5 million every.
Because Curry’s contract is confined to five years with the aid of the NBA, he’s nevertheless a ways off from having the very best total settlement quantity in sports. That honor goes to Giancarlo Stanton, who signed 13-12 months, $325 million agreement with the Miami Marlins before the 2015 season.
Nevertheless, it changed into quite a reward for the two-time MVP who has led the Warriors to 2 NBA titles.

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