Telco regulator confirms Hong Kong mobile

By posted on September 16, 2020 3:13PM

Hong Kong’s cell phone operators will soon start issuing numbers beginning with the “unfortunate” digit 4 and the “fortunate” digit eight, despite the fact that they may be so far retaining mum approximately how they may market these numbers to consumers who’re both superstitious and hungry for cellular gadgets.
The telecommunications regulatory body showed on Monday that to fulfill call for for cellular numbers, it’d make to be had to operators 10.6 million new numbers with prefixes 4, 7, and 8.

It expected operators to start assigning the numbers this month, with the majority of recent numbers starting with four.
Hong Kong’s cell operators at odds over whether or not to include ‘unlucky’ digit in new round of smartphone numbers
Hong Kong has one of the globe’s highest mobile phone penetration prices, with 18.2 million cell subscribers in a populace of approximately 7.Three million as of final September, or over cell gadgets according to person.

About one hundred forty-five,000 new cellular numbers are registered every month and demand is predicted to heighten as 5G smartphones and “Internet of Things” devices enter the marketplace in 2020.

The Office of the Communications Authority (Ofca) had in October 2015 proposed the use of new prefixes and recycling vintage numbers, after it estimated that the inventory of available 8-digit numbers could run out as early as November this year.


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Migration to 9-digit numbering became put on the lower back burner, as it’d be disruptive and require improvements to networks and databases, it said.

Hong Kong cell numbers may also ought, to begin with ‘unlucky’ four and seven as vacant numbers get used up
But operators for the duration of a public consultation workout lamented that with the wide variety 4 in Cantonese sounding just like the word for loss of life, it might be a difficult sell and ought to be deferred for so long as feasible.

Even some assets developers take the belief significantly and exclude flooring with the quantity four from their buildings. But the authority stated given the “foreseeable cell wide variety scarcity” it was no longer justifiable to “go away idle” the number four.

While a few people said the wide variety 7 may additionally be unpopular as it was related to a slang time period for male genitalia, operators did no longer item due to the fact numbers beginning with 7 were already used for pagers.

Many young Hongkongers not able to control their smartphone dependency, new survey finds
On Monday, PCCW, operator of cell provider vendors CSL, 1010 and SUN cellular, refused to show how it’d marketplace the numbers, specifically the ones starting with eight, which sounds just like the phrase for “good fortune” in Cantonese.

“We decide on no longer to discuss at this stage our enterprise strategy on this be counted,” a spokeswoman said.

Inquires by means of the Post to cell operators SmarTone and China Mobile went unanswered.

Ofca cited that it had already applied measures to apply them to be had an inventory of mobile phone numbers starting with 9, 5 and 6 effectively.

Last July, it required operators to reveal that 80 in line with the scent of their mobile telephone numbers have been assigned earlier than they might apply for new ones, up from a 70 percent threshold the 12 months earlier than.

It added on Monday that it’d additionally reallocate numbers intended for pagers to mobile phones inside the coming years, bringing them to be had inventory to fifteen.72 million numbers, which is anticipated to be enough to meet the calls for as a minimum until 2029.

Hong Kong cell operators declare fee battle in bid for brand new clients as Apple launches iPhone X
In its assertion, Ofca also warned contributors of the general public to live vigilant with reference to suspicious cellphone calls, given the growing occurrence of phone scams in the metropolis.

It said telcos have been now required to insert a “+” individual whilst showing caller numbers for all incoming calls originating out of doors the town.

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