How to Write Meeting Minute Expert Tips

By posted on May 30, 2020 10:12AM

With the whole lot that’s at stake in these days’s hard times, it’s no wonder that employers prize correct minute-taking skills more than ever before. Minutes serve as a permanent document of what changed into decided, what moves need to be taken, who need to take them and whilst.
Every day, key meetings are probably taking vicinity on your office. And the selections made because of the one’s conferences can involve tens of millions of dollars, and even exchange human beings’ careers. That’s why the function of the minute-taker is so important.

Business Management Daily, writer of Administrative Professional Today, designed this unique document to teach you tips and equipment to take correct, expert minutes and store time using meeting mins templates. Whether you’ve by no means taken minutes earlier than or you need to take your skills to the following level, How to Write Meeting Minutes will assist you master the undertaking.

1. Pre-assembly training
When just the idea of creating legit meeting mins makes your writing hand freeze, take notice: Preparation begins properly before the assembly.


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In reality, 60% to 70% of a minute-taker’s most effective time will possibly be spent inside the pre-assembly level, as one assembly expert pointed out. The paintings you do during this section lays a foundation that facilitates make certain your fulfillment upon getting into the assembly room.

Download How to Write Meeting Minutes to analyze eight pre-assembly steps.

2. During the meeting: Minute-taking pointers
Even after years of practice, taking mins wasn’t getting any easier for Terri Michaels. “I had turned out to be wordy, and the mins have been sometimes 8 pages,” she says. “Each new director or business enterprise wanted them done differently.”

Finally, she enrolled in a workshop, wherein she discovered that to take higher minutes, “I needed to alter my listening capabilities and wondering styles, and home in on what changed into surely being discussed.”

Now Michaels makes use of these minute-taking best practices:

Ask your self, as you’re taking notes, “Will it depend in two days, two weeks, months, two years?” If sure, consist of it. “I still locate myself putting matters in my draft that don’t rely upon and later getting rid of them,” Michaels says.

Summarize. Don’t file conversations phrase for phrase.

Do document motions word for word, and indent them for easy scanning.


Mr. Hurst made a motion to approve the 2008 rating list. Seconded with the aid of Mr. Goodhart.
Use key phrases vs. Sentences. Tip: Record mins in a steno pad. On the left aspect, write key phrases; on the right aspect, make short notations on the key phrases. Want the notes to paste in your memory? Write on a shade pad.
Keep feelings out of the minutes—yours and those of attendees. Example: “Mr. Smith, exasperated by the discussion, left the room.”

3. When pressured at a assembly, talk up!
You’re sitting in a meeting taking the mins when you all at once recognize you don’t apprehend what’s being discussed. Speaking up to invite for clarification can be intimidating. Despite that feeling of pain, even though, it’s excellent to summon the braveness, especially since you’re the only charged with taking formal mins.

Having a few useful phrases handy can provide you with the self-belief you need, says Jodi Glickman Brown, founding the father of communication consulting firm Great at the Job. She offers a few examples in a Harvard Business Review weblog post:

“Forgive me if I’m at the back of the 8-ball here, but I’m a bit careworn approximately …”
“Max, I consider this is what you said … Is that correct?”
“I’m not completely sure I’m following you. Could you please recap what you just referred to regarding …”
“I’m positive I’m presupposed to understand this already, but …”
“I express regret if this is definitely apparent to everybody here, however, what does XYZ stand for?”
four. The verbal exchange veers off track—now what?
You’re taking mins in a meeting when the verbal exchange all of sudden is going off subject matter. Or, attendees start to argue. To what volume have to you capture the conversation?

“The trouble with facet conversations: Sometimes human beings just chitchat and say nothing of value, but other instances they are saying something crucial,” says Joan Burge, founder, and CEO of Office Dynamics.

In How to Write Meeting Minutes, she gives suggestions for turning assembly conversations right into a precious roadmap—even if the verbal exchange is hard to tune.

Five. Use an assembly mins template to shop time
At her agency meetings, senior administrative assistant Amy Finelli makes use of a meeting minutes template. That way, she can speedy ship out notes after the meeting “due to the fact I don’t must discern out how to organize the subjects. And it seems the identical each time I send it out,” she says.

Another “energy tool” Finelli uses: She keeps an MS Word template for growing nameplates, which she provides to all meeting attendees. If it’s a huge meeting or if each person is new, she says, “it’s helpful to have nameplates for all personnel so each person knows whom they’re talking to.”

6. Turn assembly mins into action plans
After a assembly is over, each person will scurry returned to their desks to test email messages and resume paintings. They may fast forget approximately the movement items they simply took on.

Your assignment? To produce mins that remind anyone what needs to show up subsequent, and guarantee them that their meeting time turned into well spent.

These five suggestions will help you prepare to write down minutes that yield consequences:

Use a steady layout. People check with mins to bear in mind what the organization decided and who’s at the rate of doing what subsequent. Help that records come out with a consistent format that humans will see every time.
Include dialogue recaps, and key them to the agenda subject matter they fit. No need to present a phrase-for-phrase account (see exception in No. Three), nor must you editorialize.

Example: “Bob feels we want to look into enterprise averages, in addition to our company’s numbers for the beyond few years, before finalizing our sales goals.”
Be specific whilst it absolutely counts. If the group makes a chief choice, encompass synopses of the dialogue’s debates and conclusions. A vague account will make your mins less precious.
List entire names and titles under an “Attendees” headline at the begin of your mins. Should a person refer to your minutes two years later, he won’t recognize who “Bob” become.
Present action steps and time limits simply via the use of bullets, underlining or bolding keywords. Make positive attendees can see at a glance what’s expected of them.

7. Post-assembly: Closing the minute-taking loop
When it’s time to provide your meeting minutes, observe these steps:

Gather your materials

Pull collectively the schedule, your notes, any reviews or documents that had been dispensed on the meeting, and verbatim copies of motions and resolutions.
Create a draft within 24 hours, at the same time as the data is clean to your thoughts If you used your laptop to take notes, it won’t take loads of time to kind your draft.
Double-space your minutes
That way, handwritten corrections may be effortlessly and honestly inserted.
Make positive to encompass any attachments
Send a draft to the assembly leaders the chief to check the mins before you send them out to attendees. This offers him or her the risk to clarify something or to feature a crucial factor.
Prepare to make corrections
After you’ve spruced up your notes and formatted the record, you’ll want to make certain all corrections are made to the very last model before submitting it as a formal report.



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