How to Get Rid of Those Annoying Mac Update Notifications

By posted on August 12, 2020 10:04AM

Software updates are normally a very good component. They can carry new features and essential safety updates to something tool you’re the usage of with little to no effort for your component. If you’ve got a Mac pc, however, you’re in all likelihood ill and bored with considering the fact that same “Updates Available” notification pop-up to your pc every day.

It doesn’t be counted how regularly I permit my laptop update, there’s nearly usually any other software patch looking ahead to me the subsequent morning. Luckily, there are some methods to eliminate them depending on how responsible (or irresponsible) you need to be. Here’s what you need to realize.

How to Get Rid of Mac Update Notifications the Responsible Way
If you want to hold your pc updated but you’re bored stiff with all the ones notifications there’s an easy solution (courtesy of Softpedia). All you have to do is open System Preferences on your Mac and choose “App Store.” Then click on “Install macOS Updates (or “Install OS X Updates” for older software).
With that out of the way, your laptop must be capable of update robotically. That should mean the stop to all those notifications with none nagging fears which you’re lacking out on an essential protection patch.

The Irresponsible Way
If you’d instead just forget about all of Apple’s Mac updates entirely, that’s your call. We gained’t choose, although you might be establishing yourself up to attack as new vulnerabilities are discovered. If that doesn’t trouble you, here’s what to do.

Head again for your Mac’s App Store settings in System Preferences. Then uncheck “Download newly to be had updates on the history.” This will absolutely stop the circulate of software updates and notifications. Just don’t blame us if you pass over an important patch.

How to Only Disable High Sierra Notifications
If you’re jogging an older pc you may need to maintain putting in smaller updates while keeping off the major working device improvements that would sluggish down your Mac. High Sierra, Apple’s cutting-edge large update, comes with a notification that’s even harder to brush aside than normal (you’re only preference is to install it or see greater information), but there’s a manner to make the one’s alerts disappear completely.

MakeUseOf offers up two specific ways to mute the High Sierra notification for all time. The first (and easier) approach is to release the Mac App Store and click on Updates. You have to see a large banner for High Sierra at the top of the web page. Right-click on (or preserve down the Control button and click) everywhere at the picture and then choose the Hide Update button that pops up.

That must do the trick, however, if it doesn’t work there is every other alternative that’s a touch more complicated. First, open Finder and press the Shift, Command, and G keys simultaneously to launch “Go to Folder.” Next, kind “/Library/Bundles” into the dialogue box and also you ought to see a record titled “OSXNotification.Bundle.”

Finally, delete the report or flow it somewhere else to your laptop—you’ll have to enter your computer password to verify. Restart your computer and as soon as it reboots you ought to be loose from those High Sierra update notifications for all time.

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