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Role of Software Industries in the Transformation of Durgapur’s Economy


Last week whilst my sister were given positioned in a famous IT employer of Durgapur, I remembered how immensely, I used to look for a web improvement task here returned in 2007. What changed into lacking again then was the IT literacy most of the humans of the metropolis, compelling the entrepreneurs to suppose that it was no longer an excellent commercial enterprise to deal with here? But, the state of affairs has changed now. Finding an IT company in Durgapur does not take a good deal time today. With the development of technology and a massive call for IT associated offerings distant places, the businessmen of Durgapur are locating this enterprise pretty rewarding to make investments their capital in it. In fact, the way the companies are mushrooming up in nearly each alley, if it continues on this way, the saturation factor may be reached quicker.

But what turned into the picture a few many years returned?

As a neighborhood inhabitant, I actually have visible Durgapur very intently. Once a rural place, Durgapur has now emerged itself into a commercial belt with the populace growing nearly each day. According to the 2011 census document, the full populace of Durgapur is 5,66,937 that is about 1.39% greater than the 2001 populace census. But the alternate didn’t occur inside a night time. Being predominantly an agriculture-primarily based location, Durgapur’s graph of development as an industrial belt had started out to enlarge some 50 years back, while then chief minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy took an undertaking to make Durgapur an industrial belt, ensuring within the beginning of some coke ovens & metallic plant life and a massive amount of migration of the human beings with an intention of meeting their end’s meet.


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The records of Durgapur has developed from agriculture to enterprise to IT.

The IT revolution of this metropolis has started not very long time ago. With the fast boom of a population of this metropolis, the ratio of call for and supply started out to the range, making a big amount of teens unemployed on the cease of the 90’s. Two reasons behind this had been the capacity of the factories have been already saturated and the job industry changed into taking a massive turn from hardware to software program all over the globe. Moreover, the open financial system had given beginning to many personal establishments inside the coronary heart of the city, but the job opportunity becomes nevertheless confined. As a consequence, most of the youths graduating on IT studies from Durgapur started out emigrate to different cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad. This made the metropolis fall on the face because the young technology was willing to relocate to other cities.

On the other hand, the impact of globalization had forced the entrepreneurs of Durgapur to invest inside the software improvement industries in order to hold tempo with the progress and to live ahead inside the competition. This has resulted in the birth of the software program development corporations in Durgapur.

What reasons play the critical function at the back of this big switching?

A current survey has discovered that the quantity of IT organizations in Durgapur nowadays has accelerated 10 instances than what it became a decade in the past. There are certain reasons in the back of this drifting.

The primary investment cost is meager

Firstly, the number one investment inside the software program corporations is comparatively lesser than any other enterprise. It takes infrequently a couple of bucks for the whole arrangement due to the fact you may run a software program business enterprise on the basis of few humans, a computer, and some other sorts of a system. This has attracted the small scale enterprise proprietors of Durgapur to invest their restrained capital on this enterprise most effective.

Engagement of manpower isn’t always big, to begin with

To begin up the sort of corporation, you don’t need loads of employees. At the start, you and your friends can effortlessly establish an organization if you have the business mentality and management abilities.

One time funding

Starting a software program improvement organization has a big benefit, i.E., you handiest need to invest at the beginning for you to install the structure and for buying the gadget. But as soon as the investment fees conquer, there is most effective profit left for you.

Geographical place

Durgapur is situated inside the southern part of West Bengal, which is linked with Asansol at the west and Burdwan on the east. The metro city Kolkata is infrequently one hundred sixty-five km ways from Durgapur and is properly related to diverse transport systems. This has made Durgapur the middle of industrial regions and has enriched its resourcefulness.

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