Cartist well-knownshows vehicle works of art at Auto Expo 2018

By posted on May 16, 2020 12:15PM

Cartist, an art corporation devoted to cars is all set to show off its vehicle artwork series at The Auto Expo 2018. Cartist is showcasing an extensive variety of car artworks at the Auto Expo for the very first time. The works of art that are lined up for display on the Expo are a numerous mixture of artwork, car, culture, and style.

The vehicles within the form of works of art, lined up for display includes antique automobiles with a hint of art via terracotta, weaving and portray; painted shipping containers, vehicles, Nanos and a few different decorated motors. Along with this, there will be artistic endeavors on display such as artwork and sculptures created by means of aspirin in addition to prominent artists. Cartist has also attempted to emphasize the idea of 3R’s by way of growing furnishings out of the dire vehicle elements and this furnishings would be launched at the Expo.

Automobile artwork being a nascent and unique concept was initiated by using Himanshu Jangid 3 years ago. Himanshu is an antique automobile restorer from Jaipur and is now committed to taking this idea of Automobile Art throughout the USA thru a country-extensive art and journey occasion knew as Cartist Yatra. Cartist Yatra has already finished its adventure and covered almost the whole of India in a span of two months. Now, the Yatra may be culminating at the Auto Expo in which Cartist could be showing the great of its automobile artwork series from the entire adventure. Through Cartist, Himanshu is promoting the concept thru his artistic endeavors to make sure that the human beings come toward the arena of art and automobile.


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