Fidelity Updates Advisor Tech Platform

By posted on May 15, 2020 7:45AM

Fidelity added new tools to its consultant generation platform Wealthscape that it says will help advisors “get smarter” and “flow faster.”

According to Tim Morello, VP of product control at Fidelity Institutional, maximum advisors, and firm leaders did not input the wealth management commercial enterprise due to the fact they were “enthusiastic about the era.”

“Our position is to provide them with technology options they can be assured will complement their existing operations and grow with their corporations, and we’re significantly raising the bar this yr,” Morello said in an announcement. “We make this all on hand thru our open architecture framework while, importantly, fueling our gear with strong statistics. This is how we’ll help advisors get smarter about their clients and move quicker — a tempo this is important to scale their businesses.”

The new capabilities — Consolidated Data, Insights + Analytics, and Wealthscape Integration Xchange — will be on hand through Wealthscape later in 2018.

The “Consolidated Data” device, which will pilot inside the 0.33 sector of 2018, aggregates records from outside debts to offer advisors with a complete view of patron assets throughout financial establishments.

Fidelity will aggregate information on an ongoing basis from more than one assets, such as Fidelity information, property under management, customer-permission statistics, marketplace records, purchaser relationship management (CRM) facts and firm-provided statistics.


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The new Insights + Analytics tool, with a view to also pilot in the 1/3 quarter of 2018, explores how quantitative strategies — such as artificial intelligence, device mastering, and predictive analytics — can help advisors save time, develop their organizations and decorate their relationships with clients.

The first custom-constructed solution within Insights + Analytics might be a set of e-book analytics talents, advanced intently with purchaser remarks and Fidelity practice control know-how to create a “tale-based totally” interface that allows advisors solution actual enterprise questions.

The Wealthscape Integration Xchange, which is predicted to be to be had in Q3 2018, will provide advisors with an open architecture digital market that permits them to pick suitable records integrations, together with software programming interfaces (APIs) and connections between more than one hundred 0.33-celebration technology answers.

Wealthscape began to roll out in 2016 and 2017 — first with Fidelity’s integrations with planning software from eMoney Advisor, and following up with getting admission to to Fidelity’s Performance Measurement solution and Fidelity AMP (Automated Managed Platform), a digital recommendation presenting co-developed with eMoney.

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