Tips to Use Zoho Notebook Like a Pro

By posted on May 29, 2020 9:34AM

Zoho Notebook is one of the prettiest observe-taking tools and a wonderful Evernote alternative. Available across all essential structures, it makes a specialty of Notebook, that contain Note Cards.

Note Cards are the integrated templates for taking notes in special formats such as text, audio, comic strip and so on. Besides the individual templates, you may mix and match different playing cards in a textual content word.
However, that’s no longer all that the Zoho Notebook has to offer. It comes with many other top-notch functions too. In this publish, we can consciousness on the ones hidden capabilities and provide you 10 hints on the way to use Zoho Notebook like a pro.

1. Customize Color of Note Cards

Zoho Notebook lets you customize the shade of notes as per your desire. All the newly-created notes include a randomly-generated history color. However, if you need, you may set a particular color as default for all of the new notes.

Moreover, in case you need, you may then customize the colors once more for each observe individually by way of tapping the color palette icon within the note.


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To change the default color, go to the Zoho Notebook settings and set the brand new color under Default Note color.
2. Change Notebook Cover
Zoho Notebook is all about customization. While it offers a convenient manner to prepare notes inside the notebooks, it additionally makes certain that you may effortlessly perceive the special notebooks.

Besides the plain names that are required for all notebooks, you may also add pocketbook covers.

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Writers are like different humans, besides for as a minimum one crucial difference. Other people have daily thoughts and feelings, be aware this sky or that smell, however, they don’t do an awful lot approximately it. And writers need a place to record all such reactions. That’s what a pocketbook is for. It gives you an area to write down whether or not it makes you indignant or sad or amazed.

Notebooks are the great manner to take into account all of the essential dates, events or general notes. Notebooks, where you can pin down all that you want, all which you assume, all which you plan, recollections, emotions and so forth. These can be utilized by college going kids, young adults, younger university going youth, working genre, mother and father, bosses, teachers, through all of us and absolutely everyone. In bulk, notebooks are in particular used by corporates for figuring out the everyday info.

What are Corporate Notebooks?

These days personalized notebooks are in fashion. One such type of customized notebooks called as the Corporate notebooks play a crucial role in the company way of life. The company notebooks could suggest placing a textual content or a fond picture of your choice at the front cowl of the pocketbook. Like, in case you want to provide a presence in your personnel on their joining then personalizing a corporate collection pocketbook with a cute photograph together with your agency’s brand name after which gifting it might be an extraordinary idea. This is the advantage of personalization, it gives a private contact to a particular present. The corporate notebooks may be personalized with colorful designs. To upload to this, there is a large series of incredible company notebooks that can be given sun shades of your choice and requirement. Thus, are apt for both social and company gifting. They can be used in the schools, at company seminars, commercial enterprise meetings and at other locations additionally.

Personalise them and gifting it to a company acquaintance on an apt social occasion or occasion. The corporate notebooks can also be personalized with your company brand. They also can decorate texts of your preference and assert it appropriately. This customized can be pretty nice for all. So, unveil a top rate printing experience via declaring your choice of the corporate notebooks. Corporate Notebooks may be in any form like notepad, writing pad, drawing pad, prison pad and many others.

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