Uber has a tip restriction? That’s news to drivers

By posted on August 19, 2020 7:01AM

Denise can’t precisely bear in mind the wide variety of stops she made using an Uber passenger who needed to run a bunch of errands — rapid.

“He had to move from A to B, then B to C, then C again to A again,” says Denise, who would not want to use her final name. “He instructed me, ‘Oh my God, I’m so happy you are doing this. You’re making my day so much simpler.'”

She drove him around Los Angeles for extra than ninety mins, yet traveled best 35 miles or so at that point. And in view that Uber in the main uses mileage to calculate its fares, the journey didn’t fee a great deal. The grateful passenger stated he wanted to give her a big tip: $20.

He tapped the tip into the app — and paused, “You gotta be kidding me,” he advised her. “It’s pronouncing it is over the restriction.”

Uber’s app refused to allow Denise’s passenger tip $20 (or extra), and he didn’t have any coins on him. He ended up giving her the maximum the app would permit: $14.80.

Denise has been a complete-time Uber motive force for six years and by no means saw a tip restriction earlier than. But then, it’s only been feasible to tip Uber drivers from the app for the beyond six months.

Drivers had requested the organization for years to encompass tipping, however, Uber insisted passengers favored the benefit of a tip-free journey. Finally, after months of scandals, government shakeups and strained driver members of the family, Uber released in-app tipping in June.

“You instructed us what you want and it’s time we step up and come up with the using enjoy you deserve,” the corporation wrote on its website at the time. “Because surely positioned, Uber would not exist without you,”
t became a circulate intended to show off a new Uber, an Uber that appreciates its drivers. But the corporation didn’t say whatever approximately a ceiling for the one’s suggestions. For some, the omission is a sign that Uber nevertheless does not “get” drivers. Others see it as classic tone-deafness in an enterprise that is working to move beyond lip provider. No depend on how you examine it, though, it’s clear Uber desires to address this trouble, which can push drivers to disorder.

Uber limits
A glance through driver boards, blogs, and social media businesses suggests that the top limit has stuck many Uber drivers by wonder. Dozens of drivers published stories much like Denise’s, asking what gives.

“I figured it become simply an early-on glitch. It regarded as a gaggle of drivers stored emailing us about this,” says Harry Campbell, who drives for each Uber and Lyft and runs the famous Rideshare Guy weblog. “They in no way said whatever approximately there being a restrict.”

Uber showed to CNET it does have a limit to protect towards “fats fingers.” You understand the problem: You need to tip $10 however accidentally kind $a hundred or $1,000. This manner, you may not have to go through the ache and trouble of having your cash again.

Uber’s tipping restrict is “two hundred percent of the full, up to $one hundred,” an agency spokesman says. That lets a passenger, say, tip $50 on a $25 fare. “Of path, riders are unfastened to tip additional quantities in cash in the event that they’d like.”

Campbell thinks other motives can also have factored into the end restrict, which includes heading off scams and the three percent price Uber pays credit card businesses. Uber declined to verify this.

The trip-hailing provider, founded in 2009, has skilled issues with scams inside the beyond. For example, there were instances while riders and drivers arrange faux journeys so that Uber will pay the driver, however, the passenger has no aim of delivering the fare.

As for the incident with Denise, Uber says it shouldn’t have taken place. The $20 tip become properly below that ride’s two hundred percentage restriction. The corporation says passengers and drivers need to touch customer service if they run into that trouble.

Tipping may be problematic
Lyft has presented in-app tipping for extra than five years, however, limits gratuities to $50 or 200 percent of the cost of the journey, whichever is lower. Like Uber, it says it pursuits to shield riders from fat-finger typos.

But in spite of that $50 limit, many drivers say they make better hints with Lyft than with Uber. Driver Will Preston even did some statistics crunching on masses of past rides and wrote a weblog post for the Rideshare Guy approximately his findings in November. Turns out he made double the suggestions with Lyft.

One cause may be how each app is designed. With Lyft, the app shows a photograph of your driving force when you attain your vacation spot and presents the choice to tip. After that, you’ll be taken to another display screen where you may price your driving force.

Uber’s app works a bit differently.

Until multiple months in the past, tipping a driver concerned reopening the app as soon as you purchased out of the auto and clicking on the query, “How changed into your trip?” You’d see the choice to tip most effective when you rated your motive force.

In other phrases, it becomes the form of a cache.

In November, Uber changed its app, which the employer says bills for 15 million rides worldwide in keeping with the day. Now it says it sends riders a reminder to price their drivers when they go away the auto. But clients nonetheless need to undergo that rating procedure before they see the tip option.

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“Less than one-eighth of the clients ever price a driver, and then by no means see the tipping option as it is hidden under the rating device that they hardly ever use,” James Worley, a Los Angeles-based motive force says. “They brought it, sure, however, do they actually need the drivers to have it better or now not?”

Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says everybody has to provide big recommendations — so that you can get accurate scores from drivers. “I am a completely competitive tipper right now. I pick out the best tip each time,” Khosrowshahi advised a target market at the World Economic Forum final week. “Everybody, tip aggressively.”



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