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By posted on October 8, 2020 8:11AM

In today’s world, there are many different types of games played especially when it comes to an electronic device. In the old times, all the games that were played usually involved physical activity whereas, in this new technological era, games are played in a very different manner. Since so many devices are available and many devices support various games. All these games are basically developed using a programming language. The entire code is written and graphics are embedded into that code so that you are able to see each and everything and make all the movements that are present in the game.

It is only through the help of this coding language, you can experience the game and have all the fun and entertainment you want. This gaming industry has completed dominated the world and has also revolutionized the way PC and console gaming work. Since there are separate games for separate devices it is quite a conflict between games as some games are not compatible with other devices.

Therefore, in order to provide assistance and to enable specific games to run on various devices, specific gaming emulators were developed. With the help of the emulator, one is able to run games on multiple devices. If a person does not use the emulator then the game might not work on the device. Whereas, if an emulator is used, then with the help of specific software compatibility the game is able to run on that particular device. There are many different emulators available. Out of which Gameloop emulator is quite good.

What is the Gameloop emulator?

Gameloop emulator is a software that basically enables you to play cross-platform games on a particular device usually a personal computer. Many games which are developed for either mobile operating system or other consoles do not have the compatibility to run on a computer. Since a person who does not has a console or is just pc gamer then it is much easier to use an emulator to play that game which is basically compatible on a mobile or console.

The Gameloop emulator is specially designed to provide aid in PC gaming for various mobile games. An emulator provides all the basic necessary files and folders, which are required to run a mobile OS based gaming application. There are many gamers who use the emulator and thus, play different games using it. It is really amazing how the emulator is able to process the gaming file and make it run on pc which is basically preferred to run on other platforms like mobile or console.

Games played on the Gameloop emulator

A lot of different games are played using the Gameloop emulator. There’s a list of different games that are supported via the Gameloop emulator to be able to run on the PCs. The following will give the idea of a call of duty on the pc using the Gameloop.

Gameloop COD Mobile

Through the game loop emulator, you can play many different popular games like call of duty mobile. The call of duty mobile is a very popular game that is developed for Android as well as iOS users. It is through the Gameloop call of duty mobile that many players can play this game. The game is very much interesting as it is defeating the opponent in a rifle shooting match.

It is a very intense graphic shooting game where you can play various modes of matches like the team deathmatch or the battle royal. There are many different versions of call of duty for the PC but many users like the mobile version. Therefore, the Gameloop call of duty is played by pc gamers. It is quite interesting to play the call of duty mobile game on the pc. It gives a whole different experience for the mobile version of how to use the controller on Gameloop.

How to use the controller on Gameloop?

It is very much easy to use the controller on Gameloop as all you have to do is use your mouse and move over the trackpad area. There are several buttons on the trackpad which gives you access to move your player in the right way. Therefore, in order to control your player and move it from one location to another, you can use a trackpad that is available on the Gameloop controller. Therefore, after knowing all about this you must now know about how to use the controller on Gameloop.

How to update cod mobile in Gameloop?

In order to update cod mobile in Gameloop, you have to follow a different path than any other normal way in which you update your game on the mobile. When it comes to updating it for the Gameloop for your pc you must first get all the latest version files from the internet. In order to do that, you can just simply go to the internet and search for the latest update for an emulator of call of duty mobile. After you downloaded all the files that are required for the game.

All you have to do is open the emulator and then open the file. Choose the game execution file and then run it on the emulator as soon as you do that you will be able to load the updated version of the game. Hence, you are able to run all the games and get each and every new update. Thus, not only call of duty but you can also play many more games on the emulator and further you can very well update any game to its latest version using the emulator. Thus, an emulator allows you to get the best gameplay on your pc for every different mobile or console game.


Gameloop is an amazing application that is able to run any mobile game. It is an emulator that takes in the advantage of the various emulation based game. It is an amazing tool that simply allows you to make the most out of all the games that are available on mobile and to get its experience on the pc.

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