Jenkins aktualisiert sicherheitsanfällige Plugins

By posted on May 27, 2020 12:05PM

Mehrere Plugins für Jenkins fügen der Software neben nützlichen Funktionen auch gefährliche Schwachstellen hinzu. Abgesicherte Versionen beheben das Risiko.

Insgesamt neun Plugins für Jenkins, eine Software zur kontinuierlichen Integration von Anwendungskomponenten, weisen fünf verschiedene Schwachstellen auf. Diese können von einem entfernten, einfach authentisierten Angreifer unter anderem dazu missbraucht werden, seine Zugriffsrechte zu erweitern, Nutzerdaten auszulesen sowie Denial-of-Service- und Cross-Site-Request-Forgery-Angriffe auszuführen. Das BSI stuft das Sicherheitsrisiko als “hoch” ein. Neue Versionen sind in allen neun Fällen verfügbar.

Betroffen sind die Plugins Ant bis Version 1.7, Checkstyle bis 3.49, DRY bis 1.Forty nine, FindBugs bis 4.71 , Pipeline: Nodes and Processes bis 2.17, PMD bis three.49, Release bis 2.9, Translation Assistance bis 1.15 und Warnings bis 4.Sixty four – jeweils einschließlich der angegebenen Version.

Der Hersteller hat die Plugins aktualisiert und die abgesicherten Versionsnummern in seinem Sicherheitshinweis aufgelistet. Die einzelnen Downloads sind auf den Plugin-Namen im vorigen Absatz verlinkt und sollten zeitnah eingespielt werden.

WordPress is a highly extensible application – massive words that suggest you can without difficulty ‘extend’ the capability of WordPress to do anything you want it to do. The best and most common way of extending WordPress is through including ‘plugins’ to it. Plugins are just bits of code that offer a few unique capability for your blog – all without you having to the touch a single piece of that code your self!

Plugins are in all likelihood one of the “Coolest” components of WordPress. With no multiple or two clicks, you can get your weblog website to do things that might have taken months of extreme effort just five years ago!

These days, there are actually lots of to be had plugins available – some free and a few for an inexpensive price. But, which ones must you start off with?

Here is a quick list of the 10 most famous (and beneficial) plugins that we sense you can not absolutely do without…

1) First and principal would have to be Akismet – The anti-junk mail plugin that is routinely mounted with each replica of WordPress. Akismet is loose and does a better-than-tolerable task of managing all the ones nasty unsolicited mail remarks that every weblog attracts like flies!

All you need to do with this plugin is to prompt it.

You will want a WordPress.Com API key to make it work. This secret’s unfastened and details for the way to get it are inside the Akismet plugin description.

2) WordPress stats – If you’re severe approximately running a blog, then you’ve were given to be critical of statistics! WordPress Stats will display you how many human beings are traveling your blog; in step with hour, in keeping with the day, in line with the month.

It may even inform you your maximum popular posts in conjunction with the assets of your traffic. Very handy, indeed!

You will need your WordPress API key for this plugin too. Fortunately, it’s the same one you used for Akismet.

Three) For all your cell phone customers available (and who is not?), there may be WordPress Mobile Edition. These days, many humans are surfing the net – and your blog – the usage of their cellular telephones. WordPress Mobile Edition renders your blog in this sort of manner that your content material suits the small displays to be had to mobile phone users. This plugin may be very exceptionally recommended!

4) WP Super Cache – Without going into an extended (and tedious) technical discussion, allow’s just say that this truly speeds-up the loading time of your internet pages. And, a higher viewer revel in way greater perspectives!

Five) Thank Me Later – A very accessible little plugin that sends an e-mail to first-time commenters thanking them for their publishing. This is an outstanding way to engage together with your audience and get them to put up extra regularly.

6) Headspace search engine optimization – Search Engine Optimization is continually necessary for a weblog, and always stressful to should mess with! Headspace takes care of the search engine optimization details so that you can deal with the content.

7) WP-DBManager – The maximum important upkeep feature for any weblog is to regularly return it up – ’cause, in case you lose your database, you’ve got lost ALL your content! Unfortunately, such a lot of blog proprietors fail to backup regularly sufficient. WP-DBManager automates this challenge for you and sends you a daily e-mail together with your subsidized-up files. Absolutely vital plugin!

Eight) WordPress Related Posts – This plugin is darned on hand! It generates a listing of related posts which might be based totally on the tags and classes you mark your posts with. It then presents those selections at the lowest of your submit encouraging your readers to delve deeper into your weblog!

9) WP125 – This lets you to vicinity small, a hundred twenty-five x a hundred twenty-five pixel commercials to your sidebar. Hey! You might as properly receives a commission for your running blog efforts!

10) LazyLoader – If you have a gaggle of pix in your blog, loading instances can get tough to your target market. LazyLoader solves this problem by using loading pictures best as essential because the reader scrolls down the page.

And there you’ve got it… The pinnacle ten WordPress plugins that we feel will make your blogging revel in tons more exciting and productive.

FL Studio VST plugins for blending and mastering aren’t tough to encounter except 1 getting to know plugin being an out of pocket cost. The mastering suite I’m talking approximately is a VST referred to as Izotope Ozone 4. M-Audio does have an upgrade to version 5 but version four still works wonders, however before I go into the element on how I enforce it allow me to provide an explanation for my installation.

The first element I do is locate an instrumental both I’ve created or that has been made out of a person else. Then I create a folder titled whatever the call of the track is. Drop the name of the song into a folder and open FL Studio. I drag and drop the beat into the digital canvas then I visit File, Save As, discover the directory of the folder that becomes made, name it, and click Save. Now it is time to install all the strategies for mixing and mastering in a simultaneous environment.

The next aspect I do is positioned the instrumental on its personal mixer track and within the FX chain, these are the consequences I placed so as, the chain no 1 I drop in a Fruity Parametric EQ 2, chain variety 7 I drop Ozone Izotope 4, and on chain variety 8 a Fruity Limiter. I leave a gap inside the outcomes to make room for added VSTs if the mix calls for it.

I set up my vocal strategies in 2 mixer tracks that paintings collectively. In the FX chain of the vocal techniques, I use 3 plugins. I use a Gate first, a compressor second, and a stereo imager or phazer inside the 0.33 and in flip reroute it off the master and route it to the opposite mixer track that works as the recording agent.

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