How to Take Instagram-Worthy Cocktail Pictures

Elliot Clark went from pencil-pushing desk jockey operating for company America to every dude’s favorite in-residence bartender. After taking a random Bartending one zero one class, Clark fell in love with the craft of mixing and photographing cocktails. Hence, Apartment Bartender became born.

Today, Clark has more than forty-three,000 fans on Instagram and has been the recipient of a handful of drink-related running blog awards. That’s due to the fact his approach from the get-cross has been to simplify the craft of creating top class cocktails within the comfort of your property.

“Men in widespread are super curious about condo bartending because every guy thinks it’s cool to mix up liquids,” Clark tells The Manual. “But it’s nonetheless intimidating. They anticipate it’s too much work or doesn’t recognize wherein to start, and I try to be that point-person. You don’t need to spend $500 to make one cocktail and have a bar in your private home.”

But if there is no photographic evidence of your cocktail, did you even make it? We got in the back of the digital camera with Clark to get his expert suggestions on taking, editing and posting boozy photographs on Instagram.

Turn On The Grid


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Clark says, “Turn at the grid lines in settings to divide your screen into the guideline of thirds. Typically talking, the first-rate angles to shoot are instantly-on shots and pinnacle-down photographs. Look at famous meals and journey bloggers — most of their photographs are top-down, then instantly-on of the drink on the desk. Those capture the cleanest strains and it’s easy on the eyes.”

Minimize Accessories
“Don’t do too much styling. A cell phone does no longer have the intensity of discipline that a camera can create. Most human beings will take a photograph of, say, their drink and their muffin within the history, and the muffin ruins it. Less is more.”

Experts Use VSCO Filters
“Don’t overdo it with the filters,” Clark says. Instead, he advised humans to use filters wisely. “I for my part use VSCO, even their collection of free filters. Snapseed is also not unusual, as well as A Color Story. But before messing around with filters, take a step again and ask what you’re trying to accomplish. What do you need the photograph to appear like? Try to find a person on Instagram who you truly like and emulate that. In the start, that’s what I did. I turned into heavily encouraged and appearance loads from exceptional feeds to create my very own vibe.

Follow Feeds
As for discovering your picture approach and popular mood, Clark advises, “In the beginning, I went thru unique stages. I studied food photographers and bloggers normally like TheFeedFeed and 1924us till they deleted their Instagram. It was woodsy and darkish. Now, I have a look at photographers, like this guy in Chicago named Joan Stoffer and a lady in Paris, Joann Pai (Slice of Pai). I absolutely revel in analyzing photographers and the way they capture. It helps me have a look at what I’m doing in a bigger way and get greater creatively inspired.”

Get Yer Rocks and Coups
Since most people don’t have an arsenal of glassware, Clark says at a simple degree you need: “A set of rocks glasses and coupe glasses. Coupes are ideal for the whole thing from a martini to Negroni, and even Champagne or whiskey sours. If a man thinks a coupe glass is girly, which I don’t apprehend, then you can have the rocks glass.” When you’re geared up to step up your game from there, test out our clean barware shopping for a guide.

Last however no longer least, which 5 liquids have to each guy ideal in his home bar? “Old Fashioned, daiquiri, margarita, Sazerac/Manhattan, and negroni,” Clark decrees. “Those are classics, and not most effective are they classic recipes, they’re templates. If you wreck down their recipes, plenty of their liquids are easy to spin-off or riff. For instance, a mezcal Old fashioned is exactly the same as a traditional Old Fashioned but the usage of mezcal. On a date, in the event that they don’t like whiskey, you can make a daiquiri. They’re all clean to make, not ingredient intensive, and a guy could spend $50-$60 to make those beverages more than one times for his friends.”

Want extra guidelines? Clark’s unfastened Guide on Instagramming is a whole how-to. And if beer’s greater your pace, right here are six photography tips for taking better beer pix.

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