Companies From Paying For a Sports-Motion Patent

By posted on March 21, 2019 5:59PM

The importance of the United States Patent Office’s “inter partes overview” (IPR) process turned into highlighted in dramatic style the day prior to this. Patent appeals judges threw out a patent [PDF] that turned into used to sue extra than eighty companies within the fitness, wearables, and fitness industries.

US Patent No. 7,454,002 become owned by using Sportbrain Holdings, a company that advertised a kind of ‘smart pedometer’ as recently as 2011. But the product reputedly didn’t take off, and in 2016, Sportbrain grew to become to patent court cases to make a greenback.

A company known as Unified Patents challenged the ’002 patent through filing an IPR petition, and last year, the Patent Office agreed that the patent ought to be reviewed. Yesterday, the patent judges published their decision, canceling every claim of the patent.

The ’002 patent describes shooting a person’s “personal facts,” after which sharing that records with a wireless computing tool and over a network. It then analyzes the facts and offers feedback.


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After reviewing the applicable generation, a panel of patent workplace judges found there wasn’t a good deal new to the ’002 patent. Earlier patents had already described collecting and sharing numerous varieties of sports activities information, including computer-assisted pedometers and a machine that measured a skier’s “airtime.” Given those in advance advances, the steps of the Sportbrain patent could have been obvious to a person operating inside the field. The office canceled all of the claims.

That means the handfuls of different groups sued through Sportbrain won’t must each spend loads of hundreds of dollars—potentially tens of millions—to shield against a patent that, the government now acknowledges, never have to were granted within the first area.

A Critical Tool for Innovators
Bad patents just like the one asserted by means of Sportbrain are a drain on the innovation financial system, mainly for small organizations. But the damage that could be as a result of such patents turned into tons worse earlier than the arrival of IPRs.

The IPR manner has proven to be the best part of the 2012 America Invents Act. In maximum instances, the IPR system is a long way greener than federal courts with regards to evaluating a patent to parent out if it’s simply new and non-apparent.

IPRs have other advantages for small organizations. Often, agencies that get sued or threatened with the aid of patent trolls will emerge as paying a licensing price, despite the fact that they don’t assume the patents are legitimate. Through the IPR manner, defendants can band together to record IPRs. That’s enabled the success of membership-based for-earnings agencies like RPX and Unified Patents—in reality, it becomes member-funded Unified that filed the petition which closes down the Sportbrain Holdings patent.

The IPR procedure also allows non-earnings like EFF to fight bad patents. That’s how EFF was able to knock out the Personal Audio “podcasting” patent. The petition changed into paid for via the greater than 1,000 donors who gave to our “Save Podcasting” campaign. Last year, EFF’s victory, in that case, changed into upheld by using a federal appeals court.

But the IPR process may be at risk. Senator Chris Coons has two times proposed rules (the STRONG Patents Act and the STRONGER Patents Act) that could gut the IPR gadget. EFF has hostile these payments. Other combatants of IPRs have taken their proceedings to the courts. One agency has asked the Supreme Court to claim the procedure unconstitutional. This case, Oil States, will decide the future of IPRs. We’ve submitted a brief explaining why we assume the procedure of reviewing patents on the Patent Office is not best constitutional, it’s good public coverage. We wish each Congress and the excessive court see their manner to upholding this critical tool that saved eighty groups from negative litigation—and that became simply the day gone by.

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