5 success stories of the people who became wealthy after investing in share market

By posted on February 19, 2020 2:13PM

If you have been around the block for some time, you might have heard about trade market oracles like Warren Buffet, Ben Graham and Charlie Munger. These are the few names that inspire the layman to become a stock market connoisseur. However, these are names from the global market and the US share market. The Indian share market is very different from its global and US counterparts. Apart from the global success stories, you need to know about the Indian share market wizards who have made millions in the last couple of years by trading in stocks and choosing the right investments.

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Here, we are going to give you the 5 success stories from India, that have the power to inspire the entire world –

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – India’s Warren Buffet

His current worth is a whopping 2.4 billion USD. He has made a fortune for himself by successfully investing in the stock market. He currently owns a plethora of rare enterprises and he produces movies on the side. He began with a meager investment of just 5,000 INR. He leveraged that amount to become the Warren Buffet of India with a net worth of around 15,000 crore INR. He started investing young; as a result his appetite for risk was quite high. He began by selling 5000 shares of Tate Tea shares he bought or 43 INR for a significant margin of 100 INR (he sold the shares for 143 INR). He bought 6,00,00,000 shares of Titan in 2003 for about 3 INR per share. The Titan stocks are in his portfolio till date and are currently going at over 530 INR.

According to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, “mistakes are going to teach you about investment. They are going to be your friends, as long as you manage to keep these mistakes small”.

Vijay Kedia – The smart investor and millionaire

Vijay Kedia is a well-known name in the work of stock broking and finance. He was born into a family of small stockbrokers. Ever since he was a child he received knowledge and informal training in investing. He began his journey with disappointing losses. After his initial tryst with the market, he moved his bases from Kolkata to Mumbai. He invested in three company shares between 2004 and 2005. He began his second innings with about 35,000 INR and he currently owns over 1,000 crore INR. He showed an indomitable zeal to make it big. His investing instincts led him to buying shares of Cera Sanitaryware, Atul Auto and Aegis logistics. These companies were worth very little in early 2000s, but now, they are the main players in the Indian share market and BSE.

His investment style is simple – invest in equities that have the potential to grow fast. Take more risks to enjoy high returns.

Radhakishan Dhamani – Mr. White & White

His simple wardrobe, humble demeanor and sharp investing instincts set him apart from other investors, traders and entrepreneurs in India. Dhamani mentored Jhunjhunwala in his early days. His current worth is way over 11 billion USD (as of May 2018). However, unlike other successful investors, he does not make public appearances often. When he launched Avenue Supermart, the parent company of D-mart, the stock prices soared well over double the selling price during the listing. The offer price of 299 INR swelled by 116% and Damani made over 6100 crores INR that very day. Right now, he owns 52% stakes of Avenue Supermarts and Bright Star Investments holds another 16%.

RK Damani’s investment motto is quite simple – “always invest for long-term. Investing for 5 years to 10 years is ideal.”

Jatin Khemani – Young blood on dalal street

Khemani is a Delhi-based trader, who started investing in stocks at the age of 21. It was back in 2010, when he began will small-cap schemes that generated almost 900% returns over the last four years. His optimistic view of India’s economic growth is almost bullish as he predicts the Sensex to touch a whopping 1,00,000 in the next decade. His early investing mistakes have taught him to rely less on the stories the companies spin and focus more on the balance sheet. The cash flow of a business is the most significant indicator of its survival and success. For example – he picked Amrujan Healthcare and VST Tillers shares from the market when they were fledgling brands. Over the years, they have generated 119% and 527% returns respectively.

His advice for new investors is straightforward – “Get into investing and share market, only if you have the passion for it. Do not start trading with the hope of making a quick fortune”.

Ramesh Damani – The BSE member who made millions

His current worth is 1.24 billion USD. He is the most popular investment guru of today’s Indian share market. Ramesh Damani has been witness to one of the most successful stock market journeys that began in the 1990s. When he started, the Sensex was a humble 600 points. He became a member of the BSE in 1989. His stock broking experience became rewarding when he invested in Infosys stocks. His knowledge of technology and commerce gave him the unique perspective to predict the future success of the tech-based company.

Ramesh Damani is one of the many investors who do not believe in short-term gain. As long as you have data from in-depth research, making a fortune from trading shares is not impossible.

What do these success stories tell a new investor?

These five success stories show that people with different qualifications and formal trainings, and vastly different family backgrounds can become millionaires and billionaires by trading. The lust for quick money almost never meets with success in any share market, irrespective of the country. The only thing common between these famous investors and traders is their perseverance. Even with repetitive hurdles they never gave up. They took time to recuperate and then plunged right back into the NIFTY and BSE when opportunity presented itself.

It should tell you that there is no set formula for success in investment, nor can you follow the same steps as your idol to make a fortune. You have to be master of your own fate and you have to make well-informed decisions at all times.


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