2 new marketing options for FBA sellers on Amazon’s Brand Registry

There have been many articles and discussions over the past few weeks about Amazon’s Brand Registry. We’ve addressed it here, at “Will Amazon’s Brand Registry limit marketplace dealers?” and “Why Use Amazon’s Brand Registry?”

Resellers are concerned that these adjustments are pushing them out of the market, in want of manufacturers and manufacturers promoting immediately. The crackdown on counterfeiters continues to accelerate, catching resellers in its wake. Meanwhile, e-commerce brands attempt to determine if the marketplace is the right device to assist grow their sales.

Regardless, the Brand Registry is truly giving extra power to producers and brands.

In reality, Amazon has made modifications that decorate the advertising and marketing of manufacturers that use Fulfillment via Amazon and that are enrolled in the Registry. Amazingly, I don’t see lots of manufacturers taking gain of them.

For those brands, below the Advertising menu button inside the Seller Central account, there are new gadgets: “Enhanced Brand Content” and “Early Reviewer Program.”Both of these were launched in the ultimate six months and are exact additions to enhance an emblem’s FBA promoting. Both are only to be had to sellers in the Brand Registry.

Enhanced Brand Content

There has usually been a distinction between a product page created in Vendor Central versus one created thru FBA. Vendor Central product pages had far greater content, photographs, and motion pictures, whilst FBA pages have been a chunk sparse.

Enrolling in the Brand Registry lets in FBA sellers access to this improved content material.

Enhanced Brand Content lets in the seller to create a product page with a higher description, the usage of pictures, text, and the brand’s tale. All of this has to result in higher conversion quotes.

Amazon gives five templates to select from, to decorate a brand’s product page. Each product could have its personal template.After constructing the web page, sellers must put up it to Amazon for approval, which commonly takes much less than seven days. There are positive items that Amazon will not permit on the EBC pages.

No dealer contact records.
Do now not reference competition’ products.
Do not use the term “product most effective sold via authorized resellers,” or another authorizing assertion.
Only use the logo’s trademarks.
Images are the excessive decision. No blurry or low-nice snapshots.
This is an emblem talk page, so avoid pricing promotions, unfastened shipping offers, pinnacle-promoting product statements, or any other sales-centered phrases. Use the space to focus on the advantages, the use of images and text.
Do now not include third-celebration data, which includes press clippings, endorsements, and Amazon customer reviews.
Do no longer clearly repeat what you’ve got already written in your existing product attributes.
Create new content material designed to speak to the emblem and product.
Do now not mention warranties or guarantees.
Do no longer hyperlink or otherwise direct customers to different websites outdoor of Amazon or pages inside Amazon.
Use bold and italic fonts handiest for headings or pick out words. Don’t create strings of caps and formidable words.
Do no longer sell unlawful activity.
Do not violate Amazon phrases and conditions.
Avoid grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors.
Early Reviewer Program

Last year, Amazon removed the potential for sellers to change reviews for a unfastened or reduced-rate product. Many sellers have been abusing this. It becomes so out of hand that there was a whole atmosphere around paying or trading for reviews.

Reviews are very vital, and when you consider that time, sellers have had to find different approaches to attain them. This may be very tough work. But Amazon is now trying to help.

Its first try is the Early Reviewer software. This is much like the Vine program, for Amazon vendors, in which Amazon invitations wonderful reviewers for the one’s products.

To sign up to the Early Reviewer Program, an enterprise ought to be enrolled in the Brand Registry. The product needs to be new. It has to have much less than five opinions.

Only “determine” items may be submitted. “Child” gadgets will get picked up robotically.

The product has to sell for extra than $15. If the charge is going below $15, Amazon will prevent amassing reviews. Amazon fees $60 consistent with SKU for this service so that you can bring about 5 reviews.