5 Easy Ways to Make V-Belt Pulleys Last Longer

By posted on July 31, 2020 9:21AM

For your machines to work effortlessly and without breakdowns after a few weeks, it is important to ensure that every part of the machine is in working condition. It does not mean that you should only inspect the machines and components at the time of purchasing it; they need to be maintained, checked and repaired regularly.

Although it is important to purchase material handling equipment from a certified manufacturer, yet keeping it in a working condition requires maintenance. Often, people with vast warehouse or industries go through the inspection of their machinery, but they tend to ignore parts like v-belt pulleys, bearings and bushings, thinking they will work for a lifetime without breaking down. They are ignorant of the fact that breakage in a minute part of the machine can lead to wear and tear, which will cost them a lot.

Type-A V-Belt Pulley | A-Section Pulleys for V-Belts

V-belt pulleys play a significant role in raising the efficiency of various machines they are attached to, but a slightest of the error, maybe a problem in their alignment can decrease the productivity of your work. Therefore, if you maintain them, it can enhance work efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and prevent machine breakdowns.

Here are some maintenance tips for your v-belt pulleys-

1) Follow the right installation procedure- For the v-belt pulleys to work efficiently, it is important to install them following a correct method. It may seem simple to roll them on the drive, but a high amount of risk is involved if you do not loosen the motor first and check the sheaves. Misaligned v-belts can affect sheaves and belts that lead to damages.

2) Choose the correct sized v-belts- With the advancement in technology, there has been a significant change in the manufacturing of v-belts pulleys in terms of material, tensile strength and cross-sectional profile. Therefore, you need to choose the one that fits your drive.

3) Regularly inspect sheaves for wear- Many a time problem arises in the sheaves, groove sidewall cupping or a polished groove sidewall with ridges but instead of checking them, people tend to change their v-belt pulleys regularly. Sheaves can be easily damaged with tension and pressure. Besides, sheaves alignment is important to keep the belts in their place. Hence, inspect sheaves before replacing your belts.

4) Align sheaves and tension properly- For your v-belt pulleys to last longer, sheaves alignment is a crucial factor. You must know that various laser tools are available for belt alignment, which can result in reduced wear and tear of the pulleys and sheaves and reduces vibration levels while operating pulleys.

Similarly, it is important to check the belt tension with the appropriate belt tension tool. You must know that if the tension on the belt will be little, it will cause high noise and raise the temperatures, allowing the belt to slip, whereas high tensions will cause breakages.

5) Ensure appropriate ventilation- When the belt is being operated, there must be enough room for the heat generated by the flexing sheaves to pass; otherwise, the belt can be damaged easily.


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