3 Significant Applications of CNC Machining

By posted on June 1, 2020 11:29AM

CNC machines have been adopted in all sorts of industries – whether big or small. The term CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’, and the CNC machining is defined as a manufacturing process in which a computer software dictates the movement of tools and machinery in your factory. This technology supersedes the limitations of manual control and is used for the management of a myriad of complex equipment – from mills to water jet cutters.


The interesting part is that a CNC system looks like a usual set of computer components, but is set apart by the software programs and consoles employed in it. When working with CNC machines, you don’t require live operators to prompt the tools nor have to guide the commands via buttons or wheels. You only pre-program the tool functions (including speed, feed rate, velocity, etc.) and let them run via software in repetitive and predictable cycles.

CNC machines offer a variety of benefits such as decreased manufacturing cost, high flexibility, increased productivity, and commendable safety. Therefore, if you are involved in manufacturing, you should explore it and see what it can do for your particular field. Some of the other industries that can take advantage of this technology are listed below:

  1. Metal Removal

CNC machines make a suitable choice for automotive and aerospace industries and for jewelry production where a majority of activities revolve around the removal of metal. The technology of these machines helps in getting rid of excess metal from the raw material and attaining the end product. They are also used to give threaded, rounded, rectangular, square shapes to the products and serve as the most viable solution for designing and manufacturing of 3-D items.

  1. Metal Fabrication

CNC machines aid in making complicated cuts required at detailed angles in metal products. They are programmed with the specific codes and carry out the functions as set by the software. Whether it is drilling, shearing, welding, flame-cutting, or laser cutting – these tasks are seamlessly accomplished with the CNC system. Electronics and firearms are the two crucial industries that are highly benefitted from this technology.

  1. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

You would come across CNC systems in EDM industries where unwanted metal is removed by generating sparks. This task is done in two different ways – Vertical EDM and Wire EDM. While the former needs an electrode of the shape and size of the cavity that is to be made in the job, the latter method is used to make the punch and die combinations for the die sets that are used in the fabrication industries.

  1. Others

CNC technology is successfully implemented in woodworking industries to perform routing and drilling tasks accurately. This technology is also used in lettering and engraving operations, for the electrical industry, and in the pharmaceutical industry. It is majorly due to the high performance, quality and ease of usage that these machines are so wide-pervasive.


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