Tips to Help You Master Gboard for iPhone

By posted on March 19, 2020 7:43AM

Gboard is one of the high-quality 0.33-celebration keyboards available for iPhones, however, you probably do not know everything you need to understand about it to come to be an actual Gboard seasoned and forestall the use of Apple’s inventory keyboard for suitable.

I’ve attempted many 1/3-celebration keyboards on my iPhone on the grounds that they had been delivered lower back in iOS eight, however my favorite, in the end, these years is still Gboard. It may also have been late to the game by means of 8 months, but it’s impressive sufficient to have taken over SwiftKey and different challenges. And at the same time as Swype nonetheless holds a top location in iTunes charts, Gboard is absolutely loose and up to date on a regular foundation.

Gboard is available both from the Gboard app itself or from the Google app. The latter is best as it’s essentially two apps in one. If you tend to use Google Search a lot, it is an amazing choice in view that you may get personalized updates for your Google feed and a trending widget. However, while almost all of the capabilities listed below work on both apps, there are a couple that only work in the major Gboard app proper now.

1Glide to ‘Type’ Faster
One of the biggest advantages of Gboard over Apple’s stock keyboard is swipe-typing, which Google calls “drift” typing. Other 1/3-celebration keyboards such as SwiftKey and Swype make this hallmark trait, but it is only an extreme bonus with Gboard. Compared to typing, it’s so speedy you’ll surprise why you have not been gliding faster.

2Use the Spacebar as a Trackpad
To get the cursor where you need, slide your finger to and fro at the spacebar. You also can use 3D Touch at the keyboard itself much like you may with Apple’s keyboard, SwiftKey, and some other options, but I just like the spacebar option while best transferring a bit. With three-D Touch, I find that the cursor can circulate too fast or soar, so I shop that for once I need to make large actions.
Use It One-Handed
You can effortlessly transfer Apple’s default keyboard to left- or right-sided use in iOS 11, but you may also do it in Gboard. It’s a little less difficult to allow, plus it’s going to don’t forget your choice for next time. Just tap at the cog icon and hit “One-exceeded mode.” From there, it is pretty intuitive: transfer sides the usage of the left/right arrows or hit extend to move again to normal.
Cuss All You Want
If you’re used to the inventory Apple keyboard, you recognize which you basically must educate it to let you use curse words. Well, Google doesn’t pressure you to teach Gboard for cussing — you can allow express language in its settings. Just tap on the cog, followed by means of “Settings,” then faucet “Keyboard Settings.” Find the “Block offensive phrases” choice and toggle it off.

5Search by way of Emoji Name
When you type out phrases in Apple’s stock keyboard, the QuickType bar will advise some emoji you could use for unique words, however, it does not work in all apps, such as Notes. Gboard works the equal way, but anywhere, and it additionally helps you to look for emoji by using call. So if you want to peer greater options or locate an elusive emoji with some guesswork, this makes it easy.

Just faucet the emoji icon and make sure emoji tab is chosen (or just lengthy-press the emoji icon and choose the emoji symbol), then kind away in the input box.

Switch Languages Quickly
If you are bilingual, Google has you covered. By going to the settings, you may pick “Languages” and pick between two additional keyboards which can be set up. Just tap “Add language” and pick out the one you want, then repeat for a third, if vital. When you want to switch keyboards, as opposed to using the globe icon to switch, just tap the cog to rotate. You also can long-press the cog, then pick the language.

Note that if you pick out three languages general, that the “Settings” choice will disappear when you lengthy-press the cog on the keyboard except you have “One-passed mode” enabled.

7Go with Dark Mode
Apple’s inventory keyboard routinely switches to a darkish mode, however in my experience, it would not work that nicely and may not trade in all apps you are the use of it. If you want a true darkish mode keyboard, you may effortlessly swap themes in Gboard.

Tap the cog icon in the keyboard, choose “Settings,” observed by using “Themes,” then check the darkish choice beneath Default, and see your new dark keyboard in movement.

Say What You Want to Type
Google would not appear to like Apple’s built-in dictation device, however, you may nevertheless use Google’s personal dictation tool, which opens every other interface that dictates what you assert, then pastes that text in in which you need it. Just long-press at the spacebar to robotically spark off the audio recording alternative in Gboard or Google, say what you need, then it’ll seem typed out lower back where you were.

Access Punctuation Quickly
So, there is a little-recognized mystery in Apple’s keyboard that lets you quickly upload a length, query mark, number, or some other non-letter man or woman, however, Gboard’s implementation is higher and less difficult to get used to.

Just tap and preserve the duration key (oh yeah, there may be a freakin’ duration key!), then slide to select your punctuation mark or character. For numbers, you would do the identical thing you do in Apple’s version: faucet the number key, then slide your finger over to the range you need without letting pass of the display.

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