Property dispute Man kills brother, sister-in-law

By posted on September 13, 2020 1:12AM

a guy shot dead his brother and sister-in-law before committing suicide in what is suspected to be a fallout of a simmering dispute over sharing of belongings, at Kigali near Murnad in Kodagu district, on Saturday.

The sufferers, P. Devaiah, 54, and his wife Prema Dechamma, forty-eight, have been shot by way of Uthappa, 35, who changed into having a going for walks feud with the couple over sharing of assets, due to the fact that a few years.

Mr. Devaiah and Ms. Prema died instant. Mr. Uthappa then shot himself in the chest and died even as being shifted to hospital. One of the brothers had sought criminal recourse to give up the dispute and had approached the court wherein the matter is pending.

However, on Saturday, Mr. Uthappa reached the estate in which his brother and sister-in-law had been working and fired at them from a near variety, ensuing in their instantaneous demise. The gunshots alerted a few humans within the vicinity who rushed to the spot best to locate the couple useless, whilst Mr. Uthappa changed into writhing in pain and gasping for breath.

Case registered

The neighborhood humans right away arranged to shift Mr. Uthappa to the hospital however he died en course. The Madikeri Rural police have registered a case.


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