How do teens really use Instagram

By posted on July 9, 2020 10:47AM

On maximum episodes of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode solution your questions about patron tech with an expert visitor in tow. This week, they delivered in two experts to talk approximately teenagers and tech: The Verge’s Casey Newton, plus actual-teen/Kara’s real older son, Louie Swisher.

Like mom like son — Louie minced no phrases while the hosts quizzed him on the entirety from Snapchat streaks to whether anybody his age uses Facebook Messenger.

“I actually have the app downloaded,” he said. “I occasionally by accident open it.”

Swisher admitted he does use Facebook Messenger on occasion, but only because his college’s lacrosse team has one of a kind types of telephones.

“Some humans have Androids and that they’re no longer fun to have in text group chats because they damage it,” he stated. “They make every message inexperienced and you may add human beings. So we just use it as a method of communication, but it’s nevertheless a form of disturbing due to the fact I just don’t like Facebook.”

However, he said he loves Instagram (that is owned by Facebook) and would, in truth, select it over Snapchat if he had to take away one of the apps.

“Snapchat, the handiest real element that I care approximately is talking to humans and you can do this on Instagram with the aid of direct messaging, or DM’ing, them,” Swisher stated. “I can see what humans are up to, I can have a look at funny matters. Instagram is my favorite app.”

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On the new podcast, the organization also replied your questions on other apps aimed at young adults and phenomena like “fiestas” — personal pals-best Instagram debts.

“People have an Instagram for what they want people to see and then theyhave a ‘finsta’ for what they need their buddies to see,” Louie Swisher said. “I by no means use my first, however quite a few humans do lots — it’s where they submit stupid films and stuff.”

“So, wait, you have got any other Instagram that I don’t recognize about?” his mother interjected.

“Yeah, you attempted to observe it, and then I didn’t receive your request.”

When asked approximately apps that adults may be less acquainted with — along with Musical.Ly, Houseparty, and Live.Me — Swisher said he didn’t see them having the staying power amongst his pal corporations that the one’s app makers in all likelihood would like to look.

“Musical.Ly and Houseparty both had quick lifestyles, I think,” he said. “Musical.Ly, you could report yourself making a song and stuff and do dancing video, and those in my class favored it lots, after which all of an unexpected they didn’t.”

“I assume I .

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