Facebook post saved my existence

By posted on September 6, 2020 12:48PM

A Facebook post saved an ‘ceaselessly grateful’ mother’s life after it helped her spot a cancerous lump in her right breast.

Jayne Dandy, fifty-one, says she remains an alive way to cancer survivor Hayley Browning, who shared alternative self-exam tips on social media that led to Mrs. Dandy being identified.

Ms. Browning had always followed the recommendation of docs to check for lumps while status up in the bath.

But she felt what proved to be a cancerous lump while mendacity down at home simplest for it to vanish while she stood up – and entreated girls to do the same.

Her doubtlessly life-saving tip went viral in February ultimate 12 months and turned into seen by way of masses of heaps of ladies the world over.

For Mrs. Dandy, it proved crucial when it popped up on her timeline after being shared by her Weights Watchers coach – that equal night she determined her lump in her proper breast.

Her global got here crashing down whilst just a week later a medical doctor confirmed her biggest worry, she had reduced in size an competitive shape of breast cancer regardless of showing no signs.

Facebook’s terms of service expressly state that by uploading any kind of content, whether, in the shape of photographs or cloth, you are routinely assigning copyright control to Facebook. All photographs you upload to Facebook consequently turn out to be the assets of Facebook. This manner that Facebook can sell copies of pix posted by means of you without paying you any form of profit. Whenever you proportion images with your Facebook buddies you are giving up possession of any highbrow assets rights you could very own the images you add.

This applies whether or not you publish the pix to a publicly handy area of Facebook or not. By posting pics to any region of the Facebook website you’re granting an irrevocable, perpetual, non-distinct worldwide license, inclusive of the right to sublicense, use, copy, publicly perform, reformat, translate, distribute and the right to make derivative works of the pics to Facebook. When you decide to get rid of the content material that license won’t necessarily terminate and Facebook have the right to hold archived copies of cloth posted.

This is the motive a few subscribers choose to upload smaller photographs to Facebook, particularly to discourage human beings re-the use of them, as smaller pics can be of decrease first-rate and grainy in look. However, you need to understand that on every occasion you add a complete-sized picture you’re granting Facebook the right to keep a copy of the photo on their servers, which they’re then unfastened to regulate and adapt.

If you still pick to upload your pics to Facebook, make certain that the pictures you upload are resized low decision pictures which to lessen the chance of them being re-revealed or re-utilized in ads. If you upload the authentic length photos, Facebook has the right to apply your images for any commercial purposes without supplying you with any credit or compensating you.

The best foolproof answer for people who do no longer want to lose manage over their photos is not to add them to the first area. People frequently put up their pictures to their blogs or to a picture sharing website together with Flickr to keep possession of their pictures. However, in fact, once images are posted on the internet and available for viewing with the aid of all and sundry, they’re in the public area.

Anything published on publicly reachable regions of the net will become a public document. Determining what regions of the internet are public and what regions are private is not trustworthy. Having managed the ownership of the assets to your snapshots won’t always guarantee that your snapshots will remain personal once posted on the internet.

Whilst you can set your privateness settings on Facebook so simplest your friends can see pictures you add, there are numerous methods people can keep away from these protections. There is no guarantee that you can make sure the privacy of your pics on Facebook through the use of privacy settings.

It is more secure to count on that every time you post photographs anywhere at the net human beings can acquire and use them for functions which you could not consent to and which will be embarrassing and unlawful. Photos are often be stolen on the net and used for the purposes of identity theft or pornography without the challenge and/or owner ever being conscious.

If you wish to proportion pics on the internet it’s far superior to use a relaxed private community wherein content is encrypted and served the usage of peer to peer technology. Whenever statistics is saved on a significant server it’s far at risk of being hacked.

Often pix are uploaded onto Facebook without the person uploading them even having lawful possession of the copyright inside the photos. It is naive to think that Facebook or different social networking sites have the time to check the copyright status of each image this is posted on their web page or is copied and pasted from their website to any other website at the internet.
Wherever pics you post on Facebook contain pix of other men and women, it’s far advisable to reap a release from the topics in the pics. There are many situations where snapshots are published on Facebook which aren’t the problem of copyright possession through the person who published them.

In order to have such pics removed a person must apply to Facebook or obtain a Court order. This may also involve proving that the offending picture infringes Facebook’s terms of service or the commonplace law.
You can perform a little simply great matters to your very own Facebook Wall in addition to on that of your friend’s. You can kind of a simple old text as fame updates or you could percentage snapshots, motion pictures and ask questions to your buddies or your buddy’s pals.

When you publish a video on your personal Facebook Wall, your buddies might also see the video on their “domestic page” as “Top News” or “Most Recent” information. If you need them to look your video on their wall then you’ll want to publish the video on their wall (and not yours).

Posting Video To Your Friend’s Facebook Profile Account’s Wall

There are a few methods you could submit motion pictures to your pal’s Facebook Wall and I will cowl all of these.

A – If you have got the web cope with or URL to the YouTube, Viddler or Vimeo video (and it really works simply as nicely if the hyperlink is to yourself-hosted video), you could follow the instructions under

1 – Copy the hyperlink to that video by way of pressing Control and C on the equal time

2 – Go to your friend’s Facebook Wall

three – Click on “Link” and paste the link to the video by way of pressing manipulate and V at the same time

4 – Press Attach to link to the video

After you’ve got pasted the hyperlink to the video you can add in a few comments too. You type in your comment on the “Say something about this link phase” and hit “Share”.

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