Building a Fair-Trade Fashion Line Out of ‘Pride, Not Pity’

By posted on June 17, 2020 7:16AM

Evolving Fashion Trends – Then and Now


Well Isn’t it pretty an irony if one thinks that fashion in India has come of age and inside the previous few a long time, there was an entire shift of thought as to how style become perceived to be and how the latest traits have transformed Indian Fashion right into an international brand.

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India being a country with an age antique legacy of clothing & recognized for generating a number of the high-quality complex creations within the global, but seems to have a long manner to head

How it All Began-

Over the years, famous Bollywood developments were dominating the fashion scene from Madhubala’s Anarkali-look with kurtas and churidars in Mughal-e-Azam (1960), to the crimson embroidered sari worn by using Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Thus, by way of taking a cue from history and passing at the wealthy & royal flavor onto the costumes designed for movies or social activities has facilitated Indian designers and Indian garments to make its mark all around the global.


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The Birth of Changing Fashion-

Moreover, it changed into now not until the birth of the 80s which became the length while the primary generation of Indian style designers began to emerge including Satya Paul. Research shows that the designs and ensembles from a number of the sector’s maximum proficient designers prove that- a number of these “new” developments are clearly a part of the Retro-tradition which brings back yesteryears style into the present times.

The “Feminine Factor” – Biggest impact on evolving Fashion-

Fashion is & usually been girls-centric, no doubt whenever a female is dressed in a conventional “Saree” it makes her look sensuous and beautiful. Naturally, this explains the notable quantity to which Indian female had been the center of enchantment to all matters this is approximately style & social exchange.Today the ‘Saree’ isn’t any greater the staple dress for women that it becomes as soon as upon a time and even ladies in their 30s today locate it not so sensible in carrying the Saree as they’re now not used to it. No wonder in offices of a rising India “saree day” is well known as a special day. Thus, some of those “new” traits as regards saree aka modern day “Lehenga” apt for a Cosmo subculture definitely reminds certainly one of a through gone era.

Fashion! Now & Then-

Thus, from the above, it’s far obvious that the impact of the western way of life on style particularly concerning the adolescents may be seen in trendy outfits which are attempting to find a stability between the original & traditional types, which once more proves the mixing of the vintage & the brand new. So, what became as soon as worn as part of day by day lifestyles and changed into not unusual clothing seems to have now come to be somewhat of a social get collectively clothing. Moreover, the earliest symptoms of the coming together of Western-style & Indian dressing changed into witnessed while Government of India opened the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Delhi with the help of the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

This was a paradigm shift for the Indian fashion enterprise considering now there was a proper recognition of the brand new styles of conventional patterns motivated via western lifestyle that has in impact generated plenty many new style thoughts & ideas & other thrilling fashionable accessories for girls.

Therefore, New methods of draping the Saree took place to be regarded & now an afternoon pairing it up with a fusion put on along with dhoti pants have been the new trend which in now being promoted via fashion homes the various uber crowd. What becomes once simple Salwar suits have now become Anarkali salwar kameez suits worn by way of many younger girls which cause them to look stylish and allows them to opt for vibrant colorings and bohemian designs.

Well, it’s all coming lower back, fashion is throwing again the ‘unfashionable appeal pendants’ from the ’90s, ‘baggy pants’ from the ’70s or even ‘long flashy sleeves’ that can be traced lower back to the 18th century. With so much occurring we surely seem to be spoilt for choice, due to the fact alternate is right & all and sundry wants to move over from the vintage & to the new.

Thus, Crop tops, shoulder pads and even fanny packs are seeing a comeback. Also, a brisk healthy with intact shoulders became a large-trend amongst ladies in business inside the ’80s & has now come to be a company wear for plenty running girls. And again, Yoga pants, leggings, and tight crop tops have now ended up a not unusual trend, I assume the credit score goes to their sportive enchantment.

Thus, the brand new concept of tradition isn’t to succumb to yesteryear philosophies which got passed down from one generation to the alternative. Rather the brand new idea of ethnic fashion is to befriend the philosophies of a bygone technology & use them with regards to the present day sense and mood of cutting-edge style.

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