Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Medicinal Purposes

By posted on April 28, 2020 10:21AM

When it comes to the administration of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant in a medical context to patients who are seriously ill, there is next to no argument against the fact that the best dry herb vaporizer is hands down The Volcano. For recreational users there are tons and tons of amazing options for vaporizers that do specific things extremely well, but the Volcano remains the unbridled champion of medicinal vaporization. There’s a few reasons for this that this article will explain.
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It’s So Simple

For some people that are extremely sick with really painful symptoms, it could actually be too difficult to muster the strength necessary to inhale vapor out of a lot of standard models. Many companies have come along with their own take on the Volcano’s concept, but Storz and Bickel, the creators of the Volcano, were the first to think of using an inflatable bag. If you’ve never seen a Volcano before you might be confused, so let me explain. The Volcano consists of a large metallic cone like base which contains all the components that do the vaporizing. Your herb goes in a chamber on top of the cone and you can adjust a dial to set whatever specific temperature you want. Then you attach a plastic bag to the top which you seal tightly. Press start, then watch that bag turn into a giant balloon of pure and milky vapor. What’s so amazing about this is it’s so incredibly easy for anybody at all no matter how ill to inhale their dosage of medicine.

German Engineering

    It isn’t just the best dry herb vaporizer because it’s easy to use though, classic german engineering is another huge aspect of it. With the absolute highest quality parts and an impressive degree of craftsmanship behind every model produced, Storz and Bickel cultivated a reputation through the reliability of their vaporizers. Ask anybody and you’ll know, a Volcano is a hefty investment at around 450$, but it will last you up to a dozen years if you take good care of it, which is unheard of from any other vaporizer on the market.

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