26-year-old with ‘Wrinkles’ Challenges Beauty Stereotypes by Becoming a Model

By posted on August 28, 2020 2:00AM

Sara Geurts is handiest 26-years-old, however, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome — a rare genetic ailment that impacts the frame’s production of collagen and might cause the skin to be stretchy, saggy, and fragile.

“My skin became my biggest insecurity, but now I assume it’s simply the maximum stunning component ever,” Geurts said in a current interview with Barcroft TV. “Each imperfection you have is a character to you, and it tells a tale about you, and who you’re, and the warfare and the adventure which you have been on.”

Geurts, who lives in Minneapolis, Minn., has suffered from the disease considering she changed into 10-years-vintage. In excessive college, she used to cover up her pores and skin because she didn’t want human beings asking questions about it. As she got older, the signs became extra time-honored. But it wasn’t until her early 20s that she says she began searching for her frame in an extraordinary mild.

“Just the uniqueness and the rarity and the manner the lines shape, and just the art this is made from the patterns which are there, it’s great. It makes me so unhappy that I checked out it as this unsightly component at one factor in time,” she said.

Instead of overlaying up, Geurts now proudly suggests off her lines as a version. The “Love Your Lines” campaign, which praises ladies for his or her imperfections, from scars to strains to stretch marks, changed into her first principal job. Geurts says her tale from that campaign obtained extra than 25,000 likes — a pivotal moment for the model and something that endorsed her to hold inside the enterprise.

Through modeling, Geurts hopes to be the face of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and raise attention about the disease.

“My major aspiration for modeling would be to interrupt society’s standards, and the mentality that they have got for perfection and to really show that it’s far your imperfections and your distinctiveness this is the actual beauty,” Geurts noted. “That’s what wishes to be celebrated.”

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