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By posted on February 14, 2020 3:16PM

A newly fashioned subsidiary of Rivetz Corp., today announced the RvT cyber safety token, created to combine depended on computing with blockchain technology that can offer comprehensive privateness safety. Ritz believes the RvT token will permit multi-element authentication across gadgets, to reap provable safety on the transaction and authentication stage. Furthermore, Ritz believes the solution will enable peer-to-peer transactions to have probable cyber controls that turn out to be a permanent part of the blockchain document, imparting cryptographic proof that the measured protections had been in the area before a transaction can execute. The Ritz answer is built on the era that has already been added on over a billion devices containing ARM-compatible processors.

RvT token era takes gain of the established abilities of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to offer a vault at the device to securely allow gadget execution of instructions which can be subject to owner-led coverage. The Ritz relied on app checks the status of a tool before venturing a project, such as connecting to the cloud. If the present day situation of the TEE and the registered reference conditions fit, the task can continue. If no longer, the undertaking will no longer be accepted.

“Since my advent to blockchain in 2013, it’s been clear that blockchain generation and trusted computing have the capability to provide the worldwide infrastructure to allow billions of trusted computing devices already in a stream with built-in decentralized cyber security,” stated Steven Sprague, Founder of Rivetz. “We’ve invested and built the foundations to realize that vision. Rivetz believes that the release of the RvT token and RvT powered offerings will provide a decentralized operational and economic version to enhance the adoption of integrated security controls.”

The release of the RvT token builds on current depended on computing generation already deployed by means of Rivetz Corp., which has been completed over the past three years to prototype superior transaction and safety skills. Blockchain, IoT, cloud computing and lots of other markets can advantage from provable controls. Today’s devices contain advanced security hardware, and Ritz’s undertaking is to place that deployed safety to paintings to provide a less difficult, more secure revel in for users.

The launch of the RvT token sale is expected to take place on July 25, 2017. More information together with a technical white paper are available at www.Rivetzintl.Com.

About Rivet International:

Rivetz International is an entirely owned subsidiary of Rivetz Corp., focused on solving troubles associated with the purchaser and gadget-to-system digital transactions. Rivetz generation affords a more secure and easier-to-use model for all users to guard their digital property the usage of hardware primarily based tool identity. The tool plays an essential function in automating protection and permitting the controls that users need to gain from current services. Rivetz leverages modern cyber security gear to develop a current version for users and their gadgets to have interaction with services on

mobile digital equipment, in reality, are at a much greater risk of being lost, damaged or compromised than a networked computer. Smartphones can easily be stolen but they can also function as a conduit for the transfer of malware when they are synced or used to exchange information with network computers. Now that mobile digital devices are so powerful it’s fair to suggest the damage that can be done by the loss of a mobile device can be just as bad as by any other means.

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