only Drastic Measures Will Stop the Daily Bloodbath

By posted on April 28, 2020 6:14AM

Commuting at the roads, to and from the place of work, I have visible a few stunning, and frankly, unbelievable instances of smartphone-utilization while riding. The offenders do not even try to hide the tool or use it clandestinely. Instead, they flaunt the regulations openly and feign innocence or lack of understanding when caught.

One instance turned into a hectic sign, in Hennur, Bengaluru. Traffic turned into moving slowly, but a scooter in front of me changed into shifting slower than the ordinary, and worse, meandering left to right.

Peeking beforehand, I noticed the rider changed into using one-passed. Pulling up along discovered the character had a phone in her left hand, continually texting! The identical person didn’t have a regulation helmet, so flouting guidelines appeared second nature.

The maximum memorable incident needs to be the time whilst the signal hit inexperienced, however, the automobile in the front still didn’t budge.

I squeezed into a gap inside the right and glanced at the motive force, who turned into taking a photo of something!


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Every 12 months, in step with the WHO, India is the primary contributor to the global road crash mortality and morbidity figures. Every hour, 16 lives are misplaced to street crashes in India. In the closing decade alone, India misplaced 1.3 million humans to road crashes, and another 5.Three million were disabled for lifestyles. The WHO observe pegged distracted driving as a primary motive.

Distracted driving is essentially no longer focusing on using because the primary interest, and multitasking while doing so. This consists of sports like the usage of a cellular smartphone, eating and drinking, talking to co-passengers, self-grooming, reading or watching motion pictures, adjusting the radio or track participant or even using a GPS system.

Amongst those, cellular smartphone usage is said to be the maximum distracting thing.

TNS India Private Limited carried out a national survey, overlaying around eight cities in India. They blanketed 1749 drivers across four categories-4-wheelers, -wheelers, truck/bus drivers and autorickshaw drivers.When you use the cell phone whilst riding, you face ordinarily four varieties of distractions:-

Visual distractions, which take your eyes off the road.

Manual distractions, which motive you to take your hands off the steerage wheel.

Auditory distractions, that block crucial sounds that a driving force needs to listen.

Cognitive distractions that take the mind’s focus entirely on what it is supposed to be doing.

The charges we’ve needed to pay for have been quite steep.

September 2016- a bus falls off a bridge, in Orissa, the driving force reportedly on cellular-smartphone.

October 2015- a bus falls right into a gorge in Kashmir, the driver loses manipulate because of distractions whilst on the phone.

July 2014- a college bus receives rammed by using a passenger educate, due to the fact the driving force is on the cellphone, on the unmanned level crossing.

Now, keep in mind, that using a cellphone whilst using doesn’t just cover receiving calls. It also covers texting, scrolling social media, and doing one million myriad things, whilst you are purported to be driving.

The West Bengal Government these days delivered a rule, by way of which offenders should lose their licenses, and the ability to have one in the destiny – if they use their phones while riding.

The state is cracking down heavily on cell-telephone usage at the same time as driving, terming it as ‘dangerous’ as opposed to ‘distracting’.

The February 1st incident at Murshidabad turned into possibly the last straw. A bus crashed via a bridge, and fell into a lake, killing forty-four humans. Eyewitness money owed and phone data advise the driving force may also have been using a cellular smartphone even as driving.

Until currently, Bengal’s first-time cellular-smartphone utilization offense charge become simply Rs 100, which induced many to flout the regulations with impunity. Now, there may be a first-rate of Rs 1,000 or six-month jail for the primary offense. And Rs 2,000 or two-yr prison or both for a subsequent offense within 3 years of the preceding offense.

But for bus and truck drivers, the first offense will invite license-cancellation. For personal car owners, the offense ends in the loss of a license.

The Bengal Government’s step, to revoke licenses because of cellular-phone usage, is quite a welcome selection. And one which possibly ought to be an instance for the rest of the country.

In mild of traumatic facts vis-a-vis cellular-cellphone usage and using, I daresay that the step taken by using the Bengal Government may just be the start of imposing some ‘exceptional practices’, steps that may shrink and abolish cell-phone usage while using, as a result rendering out roads safe for motorists and pedestrians.

It is not any wonder that in a observe, ninety-four % of all drivers requested, answered that mobile-phone utilization in the course of driving was dangerous. 96% of all -wheeler drivers additionally claimed that telephone usage for the duration of riding changed into dangerous.

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