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Newbie to HTML, CSS & now just studying WordPress. Trying to add a video to one of my pages however it’s far all around the web page.


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Could you please explain what you mean by way of ‘all around the page’?

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Hi WebMachine,

Sorry turned into typing in a hurry. I’m looking to add a video but it appears that evidently, I need to add from youtube. When I placed within the URL, it looks like it’ll show perfectly on the identical dimensions as the picture above it however instead it comes out bigger, and over to the proper of the screen making the textual content seems crazy as it slots around it.


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Also, it displays as a black box with a smaller rectangular interior gambling the video.

My steps had been to “add media” > insert youtube URL > upload to page > preview.

It all seems very clean but yet I’m missing something.


WebMachineSitePoint Evangelist3d
Why do not you operate the ‘percentage’ alternative on YouTube? When you click on that, you get the selection of ‘Embed’ which gives you the embedding code (in conjunction with the video length that is editable – simply make sure you hold the component ratio the identical). Copy this code and paste it into the HTML view of your page.

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Thank you! I became approximately to play with the embed code closing night and chickened out – by thing ratio, do you suggest simply make certain that the two dimensions maintain the same ratio among them?


WebMachineSitePoint Evangelist3d
Yes, precisely – so that you do not embed a video that appears distorted.

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Thanks a lot for your assist @webmachine


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